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Risks Involved In Automated Agile Mobile Application Development Process

Agile Software development process is undoubtedly the best practice in a website or mobile application testing process. The process involves testing particular software for its requirements. And specifications since the beginning of its development process.

But, with the pros, comes its cons. In this blog, we will have a look on various risks or challenges that can be a part of the automated Agile Software development process.

  • Lack of Communication amongst the Automation Testers and Developers:

This is one of the key reasons, why the Agile Testing process fails. Since it is an automated process, there should be a system in place that can help automate testers. To pass their requirements related to automation testing to developers or QA engineers. 

If developers do not have access to the test cases or reports related to automated testing. Then it will be difficult for them to execute the automation process.

  • Developers are Not Familiar with Agile Testing or Automation:

The developers are not familiarized with this type of software development process that ultimately leads to time wastage in terms of learning new things. 

Without proper communication and knowledge about the Agile mobile application testing process, it will become difficult for developers to know what to automate. And how they should go about doing it.

  • Some Automated Tests Are Not So Robust:

This is one of the biggest challenges that are faced by most QA Automation tester or team; test cases executed might fail due to their technical breaches or may be due to bugs or security issues. 

There are some automated tests that do not cover all the functionalities of the application.That results in time wastage and bug reporting at a later stage of the development process.

  • Testers And Developers Have no Clarity on Scope of Automation:

The main purpose behind automating tests is to save time so that more time can be spent on testing activities rather than executing them manually. But, sometimes this may not be the case. Because of unclear test scopes and goals set for automation.

This will lead to ineffective utilization of resources and time wastage. In terms of learning new things, updating or modifying existing scripts etc.

  • Tools May Not Be effective:

One of the most important concerns is whether or not the tool used for automation testing has some serious flaws. If there are issues with the tool. Then it will be difficult to automate as per latest trends. And technology available in market. It will affect proper roadmap for automated testing.

  • Stakeholders Do not Have Proper Understanding of Agile Testing:

Due to lack of knowledge or experience in Agile mobile cloud testing services, stakeholders might try to restrict the testers from performing this activity. This will leave testers with no option but to restart automation process all over again.

  • Extra Scripts May Lead To Bugs:

Sometimes there are chances that extra scripts may lead to bugs in application. If not maintained properly, these scripts can be time and resources wasting activities.

  • When testing is automated, there are many chances of untrustworthy results such as false positives or even testing failures. In such cases the QA testers should focus aim towards resolving the problems related to brittle tests.
  • They offer higher confidence level to the clients, but are slower to run.

The Quality assured Testers are required to have proper training to use automated UI tools used in agile software development. Otherwise this can lead to reduced productivity.

  • Manually executing automated tests can lead to irregular running which can cause failure of tests.
  • Automation testing needs proper planning before the executing the testing. Failure of which can lead to redoing whole testing process.
  • Its not enough to be entirely dependent on the automated testing techniques. To get the best results, the testing process should be a proper combination of manual exploratory and automated tests.
  • Continuous Integration is necessary to avoid any failing of test in website or mobile cloud testing services.
  • For effective outcomes, the team members involved in the development and the testing team needs to have strong communication, cooperation and approachable throughout the agile development process.
  • Testers are required to properly set up and tear down the automated and manual test procedures, which are usually missed by the team.
  • To avoid conducting useless tests, productivity metrics should be maintained. This gives you the data of number of tests cases created and run each day.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the challenges that may be faced by testers while automating test cases or web applications using Agile Testing process or software development methodology. With proper planning and communication between stakeholders involved in each stage of automation efforts. These challenges can be eliminated to a great extent.

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