Manual Testing v/s Automated Testing

What is Software Testing

Before we discuss about manual and automated software testing, let’s understand what basically software testing is. It is a process, to evaluate and check the functionality of a software application with an intent to find whether the developed software met the specified requirements, for which it was originally designed, or not and to categorize the loopholes to ensure that the product is fault-free in order to produce the quality product.

Manual Software Testing – Manual Software Testing is a typical and classic form of software testing in which the tests are conducted manually by Quality Assurance testers without the use of any automated testing tools.

Advantages of Manual Software Testing:

  • It can be performed on all types of applications and software.
  • Manual Test is desirable for short term life-cycle products.
  • Naïve and new planned test cases are preferred to be tested manually.
  • Before subjecting an app to automated testing, manual testing is done.
  • Manually testing is advised for products where the functional requirements change often and more frequently.
  • For a short term test project, It is comparatively cost-effective than compared to Automation software testing.
  • There is no requirement for the QA tester to have knowledge on different automation tools.

Automated Software Testing – Automated Software Testing is the procedure where Quality Assurance companies execute the test cases with the help of automated tools and techniques that helps to authorize the proper working of the application or software before its launch for consumers.

The use of tools while testing software and applications, can reduce the time of testing process, deliver on time results and prepare perfect error reports.

Advantages of automated testing:

  • Automated software testing is yields faster results.
  • In a long run it is cheaper than manual testing.
  • Automated testing gives more steadfast and reliable outcomes.
  • It can be termed as influential and multipurpose testing form.
  • Automated testing reduces regression testing time.
  • You are able to record the testing process, hence it is reusable and saves resources.
  • Automated software testing doesn’t require any human tester to supervise the execution.
  • It provides better and increased coverage for the tests.

Whether it is manual or automated software testing, the primary function is to identify the defects, errors and bugs in the applications and software and to deliver solutions to improve the user interface, make it completely error-free and working in accordance to the software’s functional requirements.

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