Best Black Box Testing Tool To Try In 2022

A black box testing tool is software that can test the system or any other application without internal knowledge of the code. The idea behind using this type of testing is to generate test cases automatically and apply different types of tests that will help find major flaws with the system. In this article, we will list some of the best black box testing tools that software testers can use.

1. Auto Italia Online

Auto Italia online is an open-source tool that is free to use. This tool is designed to allow users to record the actions and replay them on any Windows application. Using this tool, the user will generate scripts for testing. This tool can be used by testers who are not familiar with programming or scripting languages.

2. AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey is open-source software automation that runs on the Windows platform. Using this tool, the user will be able to automate tasks through scripts, which means that you can automate any task that is manually performed. Some tasks include sending keystrokes and mouse clicks to applications from your keyboard and mouse.


This tool has been developed by OWASP, which provides users the ability to input the URL they want to test for testing purposes. This is an automated tool and anyone who doesn’t have any programming knowledge.

4. AegisWeb 

This tool is available free to use. It has been designed to provide functionalities like recording and playback, editable configuration files, and a simple interface for easy use.

5. Selenium IDE

 Selenium is an open-source tool that is a web-based application. It is available for free to use. The features of this tool include recording and playing back scripts, exporting and importing test cases from one language to another, debugging capabilities, and creating custom commands.

6. Ranorex 

This is a commercial tool designed in such a way that it can automate both desktop and web applications. Some of the features available with this tool include UI object identification, high processing speed, screenshots, support for multiple browsers and generating code in different programming languages.

7. Squish by froglogic

 Squish is another commercial tool designed to use automatic test generation capabilities to test applications and virtual desktops. This tool is available in different editions with varying features. Some of the features found in this tool include recording scripts for testing purposes, generating test code and identifying UI objects.

Black Box Testing: An Important Functional testing Technique.

8. SilkTest 

This tool has been designed as a functional testing platform that allows users to test various applications without needing to have any programming languages.

9. Katalon 

This tool is available for free use and has been designed in such a way that it allows users to record test cases, create and edit scripts, export tests into different formats and share scripts with other testers.


 This is an automated testing tool widely used by software testers to develop functional qa services for various applications.

11. IBM Rational Functional Tester 

This is another automated testing tool that every software tester must have come across. It provides functionality to test various applications and interact with them through APIs and supports manual and automatic testing processes.


 MbUnit is a unit testing framework that allows users to write and run repeatable tests the same way they write code. This tool can be used by software testers familiar with C, C++ and VB languages and for anyone looking to write test cases.

13. Gremlins 

Gremlin is an open-source testing framework for Java that is free to use. This tool has been designed so that it can be used by developers who are not much familiar with the automated testing process to write test cases.

14. Selendroid 

This is another open-source tool that can automate android applications testing and qa services in different environments ranging from emulators to real mobile devices. Some of the key features include Test case creation through recording. There is no need to modify the existing android application. A test case can be exported as JUnit test suite and runs on a selenium grid for parallel execution.

15. Watir 

This tool is a Ruby library that allows users to write web application tests in the Ruby programming language. Some of the features available with this tool include support for webdriver API, recording capabilities, and can be extended using different libraries.

Final thoughts

Every software tester must have a list of different automated testing tools in their arsenal to perform functional test automation. Here is a quick recap of the top 15 best open source and commercial tools mentioned above, which every software tester should have come across atleast once during their lifetime.

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