Challenges In White Box Testing Every Tester Should Know

Almost all of us are testers, some work on automation testing scripting. Some do manual testing. Some are good at black-box testing, while others are better with white box testing. Whatever type of testing or tester you may be, there are always challenges that you face both as a tester and also as an individual. This article will focus on understanding some of the challenges testers face in white box testing.

1) Lack of Understanding Of Programming Language(S) Used For Testing:

Whave seen too many testers who are not bothered to understand how the programs work or what is happening inside when they test an application or a website. To be precise, We are sure most of them do not know what is happening behind the scene when they are trying to test a website or an application. The majority of them are only bothered to do the testing to prove whether it works for them or not.

2) Lack Of Understanding The Logical Flow/Use Case :

Even if the tester understands how the program works or what is happening behind the scene, they may not be able to understand the logical flow of the program. Therefore, the tester should always try to analyze how things are connected earlier than White Box Testing them one by one.

3) Lack Of Patience To Go Thorough The Program:

Even if you have understood everything, made a use case and analyzed the logical flow, you might still not be able to go through with the program if you do not have patience. The majority of testers feel that they should test all the modules in a couple of hours to take out time for other things.

4) The Reality Of Testing:

We know this is an irony, but software testing services are something no one can be assured of getting right. There is always a chance that the program may not work as we expect it to work. Testing means proving the program works before releasing it to clients/customers for further use.

5) Copying The Existing Functionality:

We have seen many software testers copying the existing functionalities in the program; they add a few more things when they think some functionality is missing. This is because they want to satisfy their managers by completing the wish list they have asked for.

6) Allowing Clients/Managers To Influence:

Most of us do not like it when we are influenced by clients/managers. The majority of the testers give up their views and accept what clients or managers say. They want to maintain good relations with them so that their job will not be jeopardized.

7) Lack Of Patience:

We know this is again an irony, but most of us do not have patience. We want to get everything done quickly because we may feel that the client/manager will not allow us to take any further actions.

8) Not Being Honest Enough With The Client:

Most testers are always afraid to speak out their minds while White Box Testing an application or a website for clients/customers because they might lose their job if it goes wrong. Instead, they want to keep the client happy by showing them something is not happening.

9) Spending Long Hours In Testing:

We know many testers feel that they should spend long hours in testing because it will help them be more accurate. However, most of the time, testers want to avoid doing testing and spend time surfing swine on the internet.

10) Stress:

Last but not least, software testers usually suffer from stress in their life when they see something is going wrong in the application or the website. So they want to prove themselves efficient by running behind it 24×7, trying to find out what exactly happened.

To be precise, the majority of the testers are not bothered about what is happening behind the scene when they are testing anything. Instead, they want to go through with testing in a quick time because several things need their attention.

Final thoughts:

A tester cannot live alone. They need to work in a team. Suppose you are playing the role of a tester. In that case, it is best to take the responsibility of testing seriously or even if you are doing it as part of your job, try to become more professional and prove yourself capable of handling any responsibility. We all have seen cases where testers get blamed only because the manager thinks they did not do their job properly. So it is better to be safe than sorry!

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