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Our Team

Team HikeQA comprises of innovative, capable, creative and strategic minds who work diligently with great zeal to develop bug-free and functional software.

Somesh Mishra

Somesh Mishra

QA Lead

A PUBG addict to begin with, this guy knows the importance of building a killing team.
Somesh loves Chinese food and is fond of classical numbers. He is surprisingly a good self-proclaimed singer too. May be that’s why, he was rejected from Indian Idol auditions twice!!
Jokes apart, he is good in maintaining and developing relations.
Know what we mean??

Vedant Kumar Gupta

Senior Test Engineer

Have you ever met a person who doesn’t play video games? Or watch NETFLIX? Well, this is our very own Vedant for you guys, a Cricket enthusiast and a Gymnast.
A strong believer in Karma who idolizes Lord Krishna and Chanakya.
His motto in life?
“Don’t just aspire to make a living; aspire to make a difference.”
Let’s just hope he makes a difference to your business too.

Vedant Kumar Gupta
Tanvi Tomar

Tanvi Tomar

Functional Testing Expert

How hard it is to find a person who doesn’t have any interests, other than work?
Here, Meet Tanvi; a girl without any hobbies.
She believes in herself by staying positive in all situations and isn’t afraid to take any risks. A rare quality you find these days. That explains why she is a good singer.
Umm, or rather a bathroom singer!
We wouldn’t know.

Anushka Singh

Mobile Testing Engineer

It’s not often that you find a person who is a fitness freak. But what is her favorite workout?
Err, its drinking Green Tea.
Yes, you heard us right. That is a small example of how brilliant her sense of humor is!!
Enough with the jokes, she is a wonderful personality with a heart of gold, Anushka surely knows how to uplift the moods of colleagues in the office.

Anushka Singh

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