Regression Testing Services

Be 100% sure about the quality and working of your software after any code change or update.

Regression Testing Services

Regression Testing Services

Regression Testing Approach

Even the slightest change in the code, can hamper and affect the working of your software by causing possible system failure.

To make sure that the previously developed and tested software still performs well after the any carried changes, regression testing is required which includes the fixing of bugs, changes in configuration and enhancement of software.

Why should you go for Regression Testing?

  • Whenever a new function is added or code is changed it detects any side effects.
  • Ensure that there are no bugs or errors.
  • Guarantees that the modifications do not affect the functionality of the software.
  • Ensures that the alterations do not hamper the working of already tested code.
  • Helps to reduce time and efforts.
  • Overall reduces the costing of testing process.
  • Promotes the upgrade of product quality.
  • Speeds up the time to market the software.

QA and testing are the only methods to ensure that your software or application works fine providing a quality user interface and experience by remaining free from any sort of bugs or errors.

HikeQA is an independent software testing services company which provides Regression testing services to avoid any unexpected errors or consequences, after making required modifications in the existing functionality of the software or application.

The Process Includes:

  • Dependency Analysis
  • Continuous Pruning
  • Detailed traceability matrix
  • Risk based analysis
  • Regression test pack

What to expect?

Our team ensures that your software or application works the same way as it did earlier, even after carrying out any modifications in its code or updating the version.

Software Regression Testing

We perform quality software testing using strategic and extensive approach that are based on your requirements.

Functional Regression Testing

Ensure a complete bug – free experience after carefully modifying your software with our systemized services.

System Integration Regression Testing

Take advantage from our ability to functionally evaluate and validate the system’s interaction with other specified elements.

Automated Regression testing

Automatically execute UI tests after updates or changes with the assistance of automated tools to save time and cost.

End- to-End Regression Testing

Ensure well defined strategies and complete software testing process from start to end for better functionality.

Flexible Support

24x7 customer care support staff to provide you with the best regression testing services for your software and applications.

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