Getting Started With Automation Testing: Challenges, Strategies, and Best Practices

If a website or app has to be successful in the digital market, it must be able to provide a bug-less user experience on each device, browser and OS. Whatever the case with websites and apps equipped with highly sophisticated features, manual testing is a complex, long-winded job.

Automation Testing makes it simple. As comprehensive testing is necessary for the perfect software operation, automation makes tester’stester’s lives easy by allowing them to test what they love manually.

Repetitive tests like regression and integration tests are exposed to human errors and turn out to be the best for machines.

Most software testing companies believe that Automated Testing provides increased coverage and perfect results that enhance product quality, bring down the total market time and generate great Return on investment.

Whatever the case, automation testing needs the best tools, test automation frameworks and tech knowledge to bring the best results. To fix these repetitive, thorough, data-intensive tests for success. People need to follow lots of test automation practices. With its help, testers can organise and implement automated tests for the best efficiency and handle their resources between manual and automatic tests.

Here’sHere’s a list of the top 10 best practices for test automation followed by top software testing companies:

Understand which tests need to be automated

It is not easy to automate all tests, as some of them can be easily done with the help of human judgement. That’s why all automation test plans must start with narrowing down the tests that would benefit from being automated. It is recommended that you automate tests with the below-listed qualities.

Separate the tasks based on skill

Whenever you create test suites and cases, try to assign every individual based on technical experience. Just like, if the test needs a proprietary tool that should be implemented, it will help the team members with different skills to build test scripts easily. But, whatever the case, it might get complicated if the team wishes to use an open-source tool. In this situation, building automation tests needs people with experience in coding for that particular tool.

Collective Ownership of Tests

Do not appoint just one tester or engineer to perform all the automation testing projects. In case the rest of the team doesn’tdoesn’t remain up to date at each step, they’ll be unable to make a meaningful contribution. Instead, the whole team needs to be on board to integrate automation into the testing infrastructure. This allows the entire team to know about the process, communicate openly and make the best decisions about fixing and running the proper tests.

Do Away With Uncertainty:

The whole process of automation is to achieve consistent, proper test results. So whenever a test is unsuccessful, the testers need to recognise what’swhat’s wrong. Whatever the case, with the growth in the number of false positives and inconsistencies, there might be a rise in the total time for recognising.

One must eliminate all the uncertainty by removing unstable tests in regression packs to avoid this. More than that, automated tests can sometimes miss out on checking the crucial verifications, as they are obsolete. Prevent this with proper test planning before running the tests. Remain conscious of whether all these tests are up to date all the time. Finally, ensure that the sanity and validity of automated tests are sufficiently assessed throughout the test cycles.

Choose the right testing framework/ tool:

Automation testing is entirely dependent on tools. If you research automation testing best practices, you’ll come to know more.

Here’s what to focus on while choosing the right tool.

The quality of software:

Is the app being tested website-based or mobile-based? To try the previous one, use a tool similar to Selenium to automate your tests.

For the latter one, Appium is one of the finest automation tools.

The Programmer’s Experience:

Choose frameworks, tools and languages equal to the testers’ ease and experience.

Try your hand at Automation Testing on a Real Device Cloud Free Of Cost:

For this, no emulator or simulator can copy the actual user conditions. Websites must be tested on real devices so they can easily work in situations like low battery, incoming calls, troubled network power etc. You can choose a cloud if an in-house lab cannot be accessed. For more information, contact the team at hikeqa.

Automation Testing on Real Device Cloud for Free

No emulator or simulator can copy the exact user conditions in this situation. Therefore, websites must be tested on actual devices to work in real-world problems like low battery, incoming calls, weak network etc. In case an in-house lab cannot be accessed, choose a cloud-based testing option offering real devices. For example, several cloud Selenium grids provide more than 2000 actual devices and browsers for automated testing. That also means that users can run tests on different virtual devices and browsers by just signing up, logging in and choosing the needed combinations.

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Final Words

Test automation helps build the best quality software and brings down the time to market when it’sit’s implemented in sync with a few of the best practices.

Whatever the case, it’s essential to understand that all testing teams and organisations have special requirements. Try to learn these practices and implement them in the best possible way, suiting the business, the software and the customers. 

For more knowledge and help regarding automation testing, reach out to hikeQA.

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