Easy 7 steps to improve your automation testing skill

All firms demand a highly skilled automation tester in the accelerated agile way of working. With time, automation testing will replace manual Testing, though not wholly. 

It’s important to continuously update your software testing skills to keep winning in the competition by always reporting the defects before anybody else, detecting the loopholes in the requirements before it’s evidenced by the users and to report something out of the box or new before others do it. It’s always easy to relate your past experiences, learning etc with the recent tasks and releasing a mind blowing output.

Automation Testing is the secret to the success of your business in the software sector. With the help of automation, you can quickly grow your business to a bigger audience and save time and effort.

For an automation tester, it’s necessary to have some skills that will allow you to test the app better.

Let us understand the automation testing skills needed to be an expert automation tester in the software testing industry.

How test automation benefits the software testing industry?

Replacement of manual testing procedures with automation testing helps quickly adopt the agile method across the software dev industries.

Automation Testing is incredibly beneficial to large-scale projects undergoing quick changes by quickening up the entire testing procedure and making the deliveries within the expected timeline.

Manual Testing in agile, needs plenty of human intrusion, and the entire testing effort becomes difficult. Automation testing helps in solving this issue by automating repetitive tasks.

Most often, for repetitive tasks, test scripts must be created once, and these can easily be used each time a similar scenario is implemented.

Whenever a feature is to be enhanced, the scripts can easily be updated based on the requirements, and after that, it can be used again.

Automation testing also assists DevOps teams in shipping the software to the market as early as possible.

Let’s have a look at the essential skills of an automation tester:

  1. Remain focused on analytical thinking:

The hidden instinct for analytics and logical application of concepts is essential for automation test engineers. As soon as the business team provides the doc consisting of the business requirements, the automation testing team must focus on understanding all aspects of the feature from the automation perspective.

Automation testers need to raise queries in the agile refinement ceremonies to bridge gaps that require automating specific app functionalities.

The automation testing team must also recognize the functional areas which might or might not be automated and properly define an in-depth automation test strategy. The testing team must plan a proper walkthrough session with all stakeholders to discuss a feature’s automation testing approach.

Automation Testing teams need to gather ideas from all team members and use the same for formulating the test plan doc to define the testing scope, approach for automation testing, timelines for execution, etc. Also, check how the test cases can be automated based on priority.

  1. Learn Hyper Automation Testing:

A top trend in the automation testing market is hyper automation testing . It brings together the magical power of AI, Machine Learning and automation technologies. It basically augments human capacities and provides flexible, scalable and quick product development.

This helps QA teams to deploy digital testers for bringing down human intervention and automating the whole testing procedure. More than that, companies get to leverage modern technologies like Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for achieving their business goals.

  1. Correctly understanding the programming languages:

To be an automation tester who has achieved great success, you must understand the programming languages properly. The entire thought procedure of an automation tester should be to recognize and cover every possible module that demands automation.

Automation testers must have excellent coding skills to design test scripts. Self-learning is a beautiful way to learn about these programming languages to help design automated test scripts.

Even though it’s not necessary to code your automated scripts with the help of test automation, it’s great to learn about the basics.

The testing team must ensure that the code sticks to some designated quality-measured standards. As you maintain the total software quality, it is essential to understand the test scripts easily so that all can easily understand them at a high level of the team.

  1. Become an expert in DevTestOps

DevTestOps is an amazing trend in the software testing domain and will keep thriving in 2022. DevOps allows organisations to implement system changes in a great way. DevTestOps improves the deployment quality with the help of continuous automated testing.

Testing teams are using CI/CD pipelines with the help of AI to improve the automated testing and product delivery procedures.

The important advantage of DevTestOps is recognizing bugs prior to the final software release, which enhances the complete user experience.

  1. Excellent Functional Testing Skills:

To be an excellent automation tester, the tester must have good knowledge and experience regarding functional Testing performed through manual procedures.

It will be great if the tester with the app knowledge understands the domain properly. Just like, if a wholesale banking app needs knowledge regarding the payments domain for designing automated test scripts of a given functionality, it will be an extra advantage if the tester has good scripting skills and knowledge particular to the domain.

Automation testers should always be aware of the entire manual testing procedure and the test methods adopted in the testing phase. It might be a big challenge and consume a lot of time for automation testers to make test scripts without functional app knowledge. If the team has exposure to the functionality, they’ll surely achieve great test coverage and excellent test accuracy.

Manual Testers know all about STLC. Automation Testers must also correctly understand the STLC. This is needed to know how Testing is performed at every step. This makes manual test automation cases simple.

  1.  Mastery in building test scripts:

There are different kinds of automation frameworks; some require automation test engineers to have proper programming knowledge for writing automated test scripts. For some tools, the test scripts get written in simple English. They don’t need any understanding of the backend logic and coding process.

 Most companies nowadays use the Cucumber framework for test automation. In cucumber, as the test scripts get designed with the use of ordinary English language, proper Selenium Web Driver knowledge is sufficient to make the test scripts.

Automation Testers need to learn about programming properly if the organizations depend on automated tools like Unified Functional Tester or Quick Test Professional.

The automation tester should develop the test cases to save time and effort during the test creation and execution process. An automation tester should have a good grasp of programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, and Vb script, which are widely used in most automated test tools.

For a web-based application, the automation tester should be able to develop efficient test scripts for functionalities such as submitting a form, generating a popup, uploading a file, etc. 

  1. Learn everything about Automated Testing Tools:

Automation testers have to be equipped with proper knowledge regarding the automated testing tools in the market that helps improve the complete testing procedure.

Many automated testing tools available in the market provide the best benefits to an enterprise. To excel in automation testing, the tester must have a great understanding and high exposure to automation test tools.

Based on what automated testing tool you prefer, the tester should be able to distinguish whether some test cases can be automated or not.

As soon as the tester has proper knowledge of the automated tools, he can use his skills as an automation tester to make the test cases that guarantee proper test coverage and quicken up the procedure for test execution.

In the rapid, agile method of working, all companies ask for skilled automation testers. As time passes, automation testing replaces manual Testing. Automation Testing is the hidden secret to the business success of the software sector. With the help of automation, you can grow your business and extend it to a large audience, saving time and effort.

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Automation Testers are known as “Full stack QA engineers,” as their role is to properly test the product quality aspects like functionality, security, performance, etc., in combo with different technologies and test methods for the app under test.

Automation testers should be multiskilled and have domain-related knowledge, technical mastery, and Testing qualities, helping them rapidly deliver high-quality software. Testers must remain current on top test automation trends to be the best automation tester. All automation testers at top software testing companies must remain multiskilled and possess domain knowledge, technical expertise, and Testing mastery, helping them rapidly deliver high-quality software. To become the top automation tester, testers must remain current regarding the best test automation trends. Automation Testers can quickly learn the qualities mentioned above and the skills required to be a class apart in the software industry. Contact the expert automation testers at HikeQA now!

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