Easy way to perform automation testing for unix batch job

Wondering how to perform automation testing for a UNIX batch job? For automating a UNIX batch job, you must make a script that can easily execute some commands. There are lots of tools that can assist you with it. Examples include Slurm, Bash shell, TestRail Cloud and VTAM. Automating with bash is most popular. The initial step in building a script is specifying the commands that run it. You must also understand that only the script owner has permission to execute it. Keep in mind that the UNIX systems are case-sensitive. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that the script name and the path name are the same.

What is Slurm?

Automated Tests help assure the consistency and trustworthiness of your scripts and assist you in finding out the problems before they are life. The Slurm automation framework makes it uncomplicated to fix and run automated tests. It also provides some useful features, like an interactive shell.

Just like, Slurm reports the CPU and memory usage. This is important when more than one application runs on a separate compute node. The use of more than one app at a time raises the chances of a bus error or specific performance degradation. Slurm is perfect at flushing kernel and Lustre caches after every job step to avoid these problems.

If you have already written a script that runs on a system, you can use Slurm to automate testing. It’s also run on one compute node or lots of them. This will help you track the number of jobs that are getting scheduled at a particular time. Slurm runs 1 job every second.

What is Rem?

A batch file is a group of commands that are to be executed. In the case of UNIX, the batch files are kept in SERPs. How many SEPs will be there is understood by the amount of workload and how much response time is needed. A batch job might need around 9 SEPs. It also depends on various factors like how many cores are in the system, how many concurrent users are there and the characteristics or features of the transactions.

Performing batch application testing assists in detecting and handling potential problems before the real deployment of an app. It also aids in discovering the actual cause of a batch failure, like environmental problems preventing the batch job from being capable of accessing new volumes or datasets. Having trustworthy and automated tests can suppress performance degradation and batch failures. This thing makes sure that SLAs are met.

The Rem automation tool includes a command running automation tests on the UNIX batch jobs. The Rem automation tool is used by all the best software testing companies in India. It provides support for all environment variables and Korn syntax. More than that, it functions perfectly on UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms. The automation agent sources the job profile before it begins to run.

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What are Objects?

Automating Automation Tests for Unix batch job objects is a great way to check whether a batch job is working according to expectations. Whatever the case, there are certain crucial things to consider while automating your test. Initially, it would help if you understood what the object is about. The object shows only one procedure or a series of procedures. If the object is shared, you must ensure that the shared component works as expected. 

You can achieve this by writing SQL queries and specifying the batch jobs in a database. The select command is the most popular command used for this. The other popularly used commands are CREATE, DROP, RENAME and TRUNCATE. More than that, the data manipulation language might have statements that add or remove the records. Authorization statements are put to use for granting or revoking the permission.

You must also know the different methodologies available for automating the batch procedure. ActiveBatch is the best example of an app that lets you test batch procedures. It has 3 important components: a hidden scheduler, an app and an automation framework. The client from ActiveBatch is a user interface for the Job Scheduler, put to use by developers for building and securing jobs. Administrators handle the system and fix policies and security.


Before you turn on automation, every procedure step must be successfully tested. A Trigger step might have a SQL query that must be implemented to execute the automation. This query might either separate itself from the Trigger or get embedded inside it. Normally, the SQL query is to be implemented for executing the automation. This query can also be different from the Trigger or be embedded inside the Trigger. Normally, the SQL query will be implemented in a White or Black box testing level.

You can fix the least and maximum values for the return codes. Usually, the return codes must be between 0 and 4095. In case the job fails, OpCon will display it as Failed. To override the default behaviour, you can specify the Trigger to send a Trigger Message whenever the job is ready.

Adding a trigger is easy. The Test Explorer panel will show the jobs configured to be fetched. Every job will show a trigger button for the new build. It will also have links to 3 of the latest job builds. Colour coding will allow you to understand which of the builds are all ready to be used.

Final Words about Automation Testing for Unix Batch Job

Automated services can be easily trusted, are more reliable, consume the least time, and save a lot of money. The team at HikeQA make use of well-researched, proven plans and lots of cutting-edge tools for developing the finest automated software testing services for enhanced site experience, quick speed and understanding of the software from the user’s point of view. You can easily tell people how to perform automation testing for a UNIX batch job.

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