10 Best Automation Testing Services Companies in India

If you are looking for the top automation testing companies in India, the United States, or the United Kingdom, you might encounter many challenges. 

But at present, it’s not at all difficult to discover the top providers of automation testing services. You can easily choose the Software Testing and QA company of your preference to boost your product quality.

Here are a few top software testing organizations and automation testing service providers providing a cost-friendly solution.

With growing demand, QA companies highlight only the main software testing services like DevOps, CI, CD, and Test Automation. These companies are considered to be the top automation testing companies in India.

Let’s learn more about them. 🙂


Main Services: Automation Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Mobile App Testing, Exploratory Testing, Manual Testing, Location Testing, Performance Testing.

Testlio has more than 7+ years of extensive experience in the software testing industry. It combines on-demand testing experts with strategic client services and an integrated testing platform to visualize software testing differently. This company has its headquarters in the United States of America and is thought to be a highly sought-after company providing the best software testing services. They provide you with the finest speed, quality, and coverage.


Main Services: Mobile App Testing, Regression Testing, QA Outsourcing, Performance Testing, Automation Testing, Functional Testing

HikeQA is renowned in the industry for being an expert provider of Quality Assurance Testing services for the proper functionality of Mobile & Desktop apps and the best website performance on different gadgets. Their focus has always been to check every part of the software to bring down its errors properly and reduce its problem areas with the help of the best cutting-edge procedures, including the repeated running of functional and non-functional tests to check the bugs and problem areas in a new code with the help of penetration testing to handle the security loopholes with the help of automated as well as manual procedures.

Testrig Technologies

Main Services: Web Automation Testing, Usability Testing, Cloud Testing, Android Testing, App Testing, Performance Testing, Usability Testing, Cloud Testing, Functional Testing, Non- Functional Testing, and much more.

Testrig Technologies provide excellent QA consulting and Software Testing services globally, with special expertise in Web App Testing, Mobile App Testing, Automation Testing, etc. They have their logic clear and maintain transparency with the clients.

KiwiQA Automation Testing Services Company:

Main Services: Code Verification, Exploratory Testing, SalesForce Testing, SEO Testing, Security Testing, Crowd Testing, etc.

KiwiQA has its headquarters in Australia. The name KiwiQA came into being by analyzing the different qualities possessed by the Kiwi fruit. The fruit has all the essential minerals and vitamins for a healthy body. The team at KiwiQA tries to ensure all the important vitamins and minerals are present in the software by checking & ensuring every part of QA. 


Main Services: Localization Testing, Automation Testing, Regression Testing, Usability Testing.

Thinksys has been based out of the U.S.A for the past few years. They have witnessed massive growth and are now a huge team of more than 500 immensely talented & skilled people who work extremely hard to provide the best services in the fields of software development, support, web & mobile app development, analytics, and all kinds of other software services.


Main Services: QA Analysis Testing, Mobile QA Testing, API Testing, Salesforce Testing, Test Automation, etc.

QASource will provide you with perfect plans for all your test automation services. The testing masters at QASource will help you with proper customized software testing solutions for apps and websites.


Main Services: QA testing services, Next Gen Testing, DevOps Testing, Quality Engineering, ERP Testing, Test Data management, DevOps Testing, Next Generation Testing.

Cigniti is a top QA Testing Services company bringing together the magic of AI into DevOps testing and Agile to quicken the process of enterprise digital alteration. The top industries served by Cigniti are medical devices, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, etc.

Testing experts

Main Services: IoT Testing, Automation Testing, Security Testing, Digital Testing, Cloud Testing, Regression Testing, AI-Based Testing, Migration Testing, etc.

Testingxperts delivers elite test automation solutions and fulfills all your business targets with enterprise targets of U.K based organizations. They provide testing services based on the requirements of the client and their total budget.


Main Services: Automation testing, Performance Testing, Mobile App Testing, IoT Testing, Security Testing, DevOps Testing, AI.

ImpactQA has its headquarters in New York City. It is a top QA consulting and Software Testing organization with a wide customer base of more than 250 satisfied customers. It provides a top-class comprehensive suite of automated and manual testing services throughout the SDLC.


Main Services: Mobile App Testing, Regression Testing, QA Outsourcing, Performance Testing, Automation Testing, Functional Testing, Security Testing, QA Testing services

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It is a proficient Automation Testing services company based in Mexico, India, and Dubai. They are renowned providers of the best quality management services and automated tests. They deliver perfect solutions for security testing, automation, acceptance testing, QA quality management system, validation testing, functional testing, performance testing, regression testing, system testing, integration testing, and unit testing. Guarantee error-free software at the customer’s end.

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