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Difference between Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and software testing are an integral part of software development. Both are often mistaken to be the same, but in reality, they differ from each other. And to develop an application, its testing and quality, both are equally important. While there might be differences in opinions between the development team, testing and quality check teams but their ultimate goal is to deliver a fully functional, bug free application or software.

What is Software testing?

It is a process of checking an application for any bugs in the code, errors in the functions, loopholes while working on it or any defects that might be present while programmed. It can be done through a number of ways and then reported to the software development team. Testing an application is necessary before its launch to verify that it performs the functions exactly the way it was designed to.

What is Quality assurance?

It can be understood as a process to control the work flow in a certain method, within specific guidelines, to avoid any mistakes or issues while developing any software. Software quality assurance companies ensure that the project successfully meets all the QA parameters at all stages of software development such as design phase, development phase, testing phase and launch phase. QA can simplify the whole process of creating an application and prevents any problems that might occur due to negligence at any point.

How does Software Testing differ from Quality assurance?

Now that we have got a clear picture about both, let’s discuss further about the differences between them.

  • Quality Assurance helps to prevent any issues or mistakes that might happen during the software development process whereas Software testing helps to identify and fix any errors that might have occurred.
  • QA ensures that the product design and functions meet the end-user’s expectations whereas the testing ensures that the product is defect-free and secure to use.
  • Quality assurance optimizes the whole process of software and application development as well as controls the testing process while software testing mainly focus on the test cases and their implementation.
  • QA is primarily product-oriented which is done to validate its features and functions as per client’s requirements, while testing can be considered a part of Quality assurance and control activities, which is done to locate system loopholes and faults.
  • QA is can be understood as a management approach covering all the policies, training, team building, tools that help to achieve objectives, whereas testing is a process which covers a number of different tests for different usage.

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