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Tips for Mobile App Performance Testing

The mobile phone industry has come a long way now and it continues to grow at a rapid rate globally. With the technology giants getting involved in the telecom industry, there is strong and neck-to-neck competition around the world. We have big names like Apple, Microsoft, Google, LG, Samsung, One Plus, Motorola and what not. They continue to launch new and improved products and upgrades of the existing models for a better user experience.

This has led to the software developing firms coming out with applications to cater to the increasing number of users. With this, the main focus comes on the quality of the applications and software that are going to run on these devices.

It’s becomes a matter of great concern to develop a product that works flawlessly and seamlessly on these various mobile devices. Also, it’s important for the app to not just run on the devices but be compatible with the new upgrades or older versions of the operating systems such as iOS or android.

Your Software Testing service provider can make sure to do some mobile application manual testing or automated tests to confirm its functioning by conducting various iOS and Android application testing.

Here are some quick tips, that can be useful in increasing the efficiency of the mobile tests.

  • The testing should be conducted on different mobile operators for better results. Its important to carry iOS as well as Android device testing to predict the true behavior and performance of your application.
  • Besides the OS, these mobile app testing should be done on the mobile devices of different brands, screen size, models, memory size, configuration and tablets to study how your app reacts on different devices. You might notice while you app works absolutely fine on the latest model of some company and fails to load on a previous model of same mobile company.
  • Ensure to do the testing on the real mobile phone devices in real-time environment rather than opting for emulators or simulators. The actual devices and their operating systems are far better in terms of behavior and the interface as compared to the simulators where everything is created artificially.

And the testing outcomes are far more accurate than the emulators which are basically just programmed to imitate how a real device would work.

  • It is advised to do manual and automated testing both on your application to make sure all the aspects are tested, bugs identified, issues resolved, errors addressed and nothing is missed. To understand the difference between the two, Manual Testing is done by experienced human Testers while automated Testing doesn’t require much assistance and is done by some software and tools.

These are some essential and quick tips which can come handy while doing mobile app testing for your product. HikeQA is a renowned and experienced mobile application and Software Testing company which promises to deliver the best apps.

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