Importance of Usability Testing of Mobile Applications

As a product developer whenever you think about software product testing for your application or Software, you might have considered Usability Testing. It is the process where a product interacts with actual end-users in real time environments. Along with the product prototype before its final release or launch.

Usability Test makes sure that the application’s features, performance and functions are in accordance with the requirements and specifications given by the client. After all, User-Experience(UX) is the most important aspect to make a successful application. This is what is actually tested by conducting usability testing on your software.

There are many Software testing companies who provide mobile and Cloud application Testing solutions for your application to ensure the product’s functionality.

Advantages of Usability Testing

  • It lets the users to have real time interaction with the developed mobile and website application or software.
  • The behavioral observation between the end-user and the product allows the developers to have room for corrections and improvements in their app.
  • Running Usability Tests on time saves lot of precious working hours that could have been wasted in fixing the issues that users experience with the app, if already launched.
  • Any defects and errors in the program which are neglected in the early testing stages are identified in usability testing.
  • Timely bug and defect identification saves unnecessary expenditure costs that go into fixing the issues in the released product.
  • Usability Software Testing ensures that your product will be successful in the market by reducing user frustration and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Designing an app with usability testing can help the developer improve its interface and enhance features.
  • Usability Testing enables the software and app developers to effectively study the outcomes and make necessary changes during or after the product development.

Roles Involved During Usability Test

  • Usability tests are performed with the help of a moderator and participants.
  • A moderator is responsible for ensuring that the test is going as per the client’s requirements and the participants give their valuable feedback on how they feel about the product.
  • In addition, a script or an interview guide prepared for testing should be followed by moderators and participants to ensure accurate and consistent results.
  • A usability test is conducted to identify bugs or errors in the final version of the software before its release to be fixed as soon as possible. Usability testing helps to improve interface and experience with optimized, user-friendly designs and enhanced usability. Conducting such tests also ensures increasing the application’s sales and revenue.

How is Usability Testing Conducted?

  • Usability testing can be done at various levels of the product development cycle to test different aspects of the application’s design.
  • In the earlier stage of a Software Product Development cycle, Usability testing is conducted on a prototype or a paper-sketch version of the product. It gives an idea about how the final product would look and feel after development. Solutions for this can be found here:
  • This prototype is given to some selected users who have expertise in the offered product category, and their feedback is collected on the following:
    • If they can easily figure out how to use and navigate through the prototype of the application or website.
    • Evaluate whether all features and functions work accurately or not.
    • Is there any task that is difficult for them to perform?
    • Is the interface simple to understand and use?
    • What suggestions do they have for the improvement of the prototype?

Usability testing is done in later stages to test a fully functional version of the product before its launch in public. Usability tests are conducted at various levels like International, Regional, Micro-level (End-user level), which better understand the product.

International level usability tests are conducted with many participants from different countries and cultures to ensure a consistent user experience globally.

Regional Usability testing is done by recruiting users from that particular region only for feedback on their language, knowledge, habits etc. User Testing at the end-user level reveals the problems and bugs encountered by the actual users of the product.

Final Thoughts 

Usability testing is not just for software developers. As a business owner, you must take the time to test your products and services to improve their usability. You want customers who are satisfied with your service or product, so they’ll return again and again–and tell all of their friends about how great it was! 

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