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Importance of Mobile Quality Assurance Testing for your Applications

There are over 3 millions of apps available for users to download on various operating systems such as iOS and Android. These include the shopping industry, gaming, entertainment and OTT platforms, songs and music, finance and banking, daily utilities etc. The testing is done by the software app testing company to ensure that the software or application work as intended to, by the app creators and developers.

Why Quality Assurance is need of the hour?

Quality Assurance can’t be ignored when it comes to developing and testing of an application or software for its functions and features. Mobile Testing service providers test the program and system rigorously for various reasons.

Let’s have a look why Testing and Quality assurance is important for your app and software.

  • To check and verify that the developed program works exactly the same way on all the mobile devices and does not get affected by the screen size, brand or internet bandwidth.
  • To evaluate how the system corresponds to excessive load and traffic on the app.
  • To identify any system bugs or loopholes.
  • To check why and when the application or software crashes while using it.
  • To verify that the updates and upgrades does not hamper the basic functionality of the application.
  • To evaluate how the app is interacting with rest of the system components.
  • To improve the application interface for an enhanced and delightful user experience.
  • To address any other issue that the users might be facing while using the application.

While the developer’s role is to design, create and develop the software or application for as per client’s specifications and requirements, the role of a Quality Assurance Tester is to test that developed software for any defects, errors or identifying any pliable threats or bugs.

Whenever a new feature or function is added in an app or software, it becomes crucial for the mobile or desktop application testing team to test the system to make sure that it works exactly the same way as it was designed to.

How is it done?

The Testing is conducted with the help of various testing tools and techniques which can be run through automated or manual process and is done in various stages with respect to the given specifications and requirements by the end user.

The Testing begins at the coding stage and continues till the implementation stage. For the most effective and best Testing results the Quality Assurance Testers should work in close coordination with the Software Development team.


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