How to Manage Quality Control in Software Testing

Quality is the key to success in the software industry. A high-quality product ensures that bugs are not detected at release time, which leads to less downtime and higher customer satisfaction. However, too much focus on quality can be detrimental for business development as it may affect market expansion or release schedules. This means that there needs to be a balance between quality assurance and the speed of development.

In order to achieve this balance, it is necessary to have a good process in place for quality control. This blog will look at how quality control can be managed during QA in software testing.

What is QA in Software Testing?

Quality Control can be understood as a procedure consisting of various Testing that are used to ensure the quality of software or application. Its main purpose is to make sure that your product meets the functional requirements by conducting Software Tests at different stages.

Failure of conducting a successful Quality control on your app may lead to a low-quality Software or application which can ultimately put the organization’s reputation at stake. There are many Software Test phases that are involved in Quality Control activity that also differ based on the functions and uses of different apps.

A Software or application must be tested at the same time as the development process to ensure that a fully functional product is delivered at the completion of the project.

Tips To Manage Quality Control In Your Product

  • Focus on the Priorities: You should always focus on delivering a product or application that your customer requires. This might mean taking a few shortcuts in order to save time, even if this could diminish its quality. For example, you could conduct fewer tests for applications that have a short life cycle and just fix bugs as they come up instead of planning for them during the Software Test phase.
  • Focus on Priority Areas: Ensure that you test your software or application at all of its priority areas so that it’s more likely to behave as required. An area of priority is where you should focus more attention and time than other areas, which might be less critical for your product. For instance, if one type of device has a problem, you should make sure that this is not replicated on another device.
  • Focus your QA on the Areas of Failure: The best way to manage Quality Control within your product is by concentrating all testing activities in the area where problems have been identified or reported. It’s recommended to focus primarily on the areas where most bugs are being reported. This helps to get rid of problems quickly.
  • Proper Reporting of Bugs: The best way for an IT Company to manage Quality Control within their products is by reporting all errors, issues, or bugs they encounter, no matter how small. This is crucial for monitoring the quality of software releases and keeping track of problems that were fixed in previous releases.
  • Focus on Testing Type: As different types of Software Testing are conducted at different stages, the same goes for Quality Control. You should focus on one testing phase at a time and then move to another, e.g., if you’re currently conducting unit tests, you can leave it to concentrate on integration testing while the software is being developed.
  • Remember, Quality is Important: Even though time is of the essence in most cases, you should not try to ignore Quality Control activities as this might lead to a low-quality product that will be unsuccessful on the market. If you feel like your testing team cannot keep up with the development speed, consider increasing their size or hiring a separate QA in the Software testing team.
  • Remember that You’re Not Alone: If you feel like your testing team cannot keep up with the development speed, then it is a good idea to hire a separate Quality Assurance department or work with software outsourcing companies so they can help you manage quality control more effectively and efficiently during Software Testing. This will ensure that your product is on the right track on the market.

Quality Control is an integral part of Software Testing that is meant to keep the quality standards high for your app. By following these tips, you can manage Quality Control in your product efficiently.

In addition to this, the Testing team and project leaders should make pre-planning with proper strategies from the beginning of the project which ultimately helps in managing the Software’s Quality.

After completion of the Testing phase Testing team should always review the results to ensure 100% accurate Testing. After each project’s Software Testing, don’t forget to make case studies that can be helpful in future Testing of similar projects.

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