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How to Manage Quality Control in Software Testing

What is QA in Software Testing?

Quality Control can be understood as a procedure consisting of various Testing that is used to ensure the quality of software or application. Its main purpose is to make sure that your product meets the functional requirements by conducting Software Tests as different stages.

Failure of conducting a successful Quality control on your app may lead in a low quality Software or application which can ultimately put the organization’s reputation at stake. There are many Software Test phases which are involved in Quality Control activity that also differ based on the functions and uses of different apps.

A Software or application must be tested at the same time of the development process to ensure that a fully functional product is delivered at the completion of the project.

Tips to manage Quality Control in your product

  • A successful QA Tester firm should carry out different Software Tests such as Performance, Functional, Usability, Security and Compliance Testing.
  • Early Testing with automated Testing tools and techniques as well as manual Software Testing is required to improve your application’s quality.
  • Early detection of any bugs and errors also proves to be beneficial monetarily. If the defects are diagnosed at a later stage, they become more expensive to address.
  • Each project should go through Unit Testing, Integration Testing and Acceptance Testing which are planned in advance and the results are then documented to evaluate it’s functions properly.
  • A good communication and relation between the QA Testers and the Software Developing team is important for effective Quality Control while Testing.
  • Document all the Testing results to understand the severity of the issue and to assess, measure and address that problem for a smooth user interface.

In addition to this, the Testing team and project leaders should make pre- planning with proper strategies from the beginning of the project which ultimately helps in managing the Software’s Quality. After completion of the Testing phase Testing team should always review the results to ensure 100% accurate Testing. After each project’s Software Testing, don’t forget to make case studies which can be helpful in future Testing of similar projects.

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