What is Mobile Browser Testing?


Any type of testing be it mobile application testing or web app testing, the aim is to ensure that a user friendly product with proper functioning is developed for the betterment of the customers. A few decades ago mobile browser testing was only limited to the desktop however with the increase in the usage of smartphones in the ease of the access to the internet native mobile web browser testing is now being performed very rapidly as compared to the traditional method of desktop testing. Companies are turning towards different modes of testing for different applications that determine their usability, scalability, functioning, localisation, certification, bug fixing, recovery testing etc. The job of a QA tester is to remove the mess out of the mobile app testing procedure and avoid using primitive methods of testing. 

Software Testing is not just a process but a phenomenon that consists of several processes. When a software developer designs an application for users their primary focus is to make a robust and reliable program that the customers can easily rely on. This is where the Software testers come in.

What is the role of a Software Testing company?

The quality assured mobile performance testing companies ensure that your product is 100 percent bug–free, without any defects and works perfect on all mobile and computer devices. They identify the threats or potential shortcomings in your software that can lead to a future cyber attack or hack and can affect the functioning of your developed program.

Mobile Browser Testing

It refers to the testing that is conducted to make sure that your application runs smoothly on all kind of mobile devices and various browsers such as Google chrome, Mozilla firefox, Internet explorer, Opera Safari etc. without any loopholes or errors.In a mobile Web browser testing one can hit the URL and access the application without any hindrances so that the companies don’t have to depend on any other outsourced tools or techniques to excess application. Mobile Web browser testing helps in user interaction which means that applications can be tested using a wider scope of options which includes tapping, swiping, pulling, voice and assistance. The majority of mobile testing is done to check whether the application is suitable for the internet connection and can it work properly in an off-line mode without any interruptions. The best part about a mobile web page is that it checks the compatibility of the application that involves checking the technical characteristics of the app. It also checks your capacity limitations, battery life, screen size so that the app fields are easily visible and smoother to access.

So how is mobile testing performed? 

Any software application company has a set of tools that are adopted for the testing procedure that improves the website and provides a detailed information about the application. A team of the best QA testers is selected so that a wide variety of mobile phones testing can be performed. It ensures that the website is tested thoroughly to cover all the different expectations of the company to meet the desired output. Any QA company while performing a mobile testing service makes sure that there is a proper plan devised, strategized in a very well manner, and executed in a manner that will only be in hands and bring in the desired output for the application. Even a small negligence can cause a severe loss to the mobile testing company to a set of team workers can cause a major change in the testing performances.

Why is mobile browser Testing needed for an application?

  • It is done to make sure that the website is very easily accessible and has a very positive and responsive approach towards the mobile application so that the customers can have easy access to it. 
  • It helps to make the mobile devices compatible on various platforms such as android or iPhone so that it can expect to achieve the goal of targeting the right devices and also achieving the success that the company requires through more visibility. 
  • It offers speed and accuracy which means that companies are now looking at social media and expect to buy using social media tools to gauge the performances of the mobile application. With the help of this they can check the accuracy and speed of the application to enhance the user experience. 
  • It also improves the website’s look and feel. That means that it makes the website look very appealing to the eyes and ensures an attractive look which will not only improve the visiting numbers on the page but will also improve the business site in the long run. 
  • Browser Testing is done to verify the consistency of your application’s performance on different browsers irrespective of the operating system or device.
  • It makes sure your app’s appearance is not affected if you switch to another browser.
  • Mobile Browser Testing is a parameter of Quality Assurance assessment.
  • It ensures your app’s layout and design does not get altered in different browsers.
  • It is essential to ensure the application’s overall functionality and performance.

Many companies like HikeQA have made use of mobile app automation testing that provides various application and Software Testing services for your developed program so you can launch it without worrying!

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