Why Software testing is important?

Software Testing is essential to see whether the particular software or application matches expected requirements and to make sure that software package is without any error or defects. It involves implementation of software/system components using manual software testing or automated tools to measure one or more properties of interest. The purpose of software testing is to spot glitches, errors, gaps or missing requirements in contrast to actual requirements.

Despite the fact that the role of software testing may seem insignificant and few of us ever even think about it, this is especially true for people who are new to software development. The testing process is an equally integral part of development and planning. All the organizations that develop software and applications have come to the realization that they need to do quality assurance.

This means being able to think in terms of development and code, as well as ensuring that the cross functional operations flow smoothly.

Automated software testing facilitates to run necessary, often repetitious tests without having to manually execute them. This gives back considerable time to teams for other tasks like mitigating defects and ensuring that products are delivered with the highest quality possible.

Latest test management tools such as Selenium, TestComplete, Ranorex, Backstop Js, HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT), and IBM Rational Functional Tester help in solving several major problems:

  • It ensures that all the functional requirements have been implemented
  • It gives confidence in the quality of the final product
  • It confirms that the application has no errors in the code
  • It verifies how the user can work with the application and ensures that the end product is easy to use and does not contain features that may mislead users
  • It ensures that stored and processed data is protected from unauthorized access and hacking
  • Makes sure that the application is able to operate on all supported operating systems or web browsers correctly.

In short, automation testing will utilize your creativity to explore new ways to test a system, and you will spend less time as a tester and more time being the Quality Assurer, Quality Analyst and Quality Controller that your team needs.

Last but not the least, finding a good Software Testing Company like HikeQA is necessary because we all make mistakes which might seem unimportant, but can be really expensive or dangerous. It’s essential since it makes sure that the customer finds the organization reliable and their satisfaction in the application is maintained.

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