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5 Biggest Challenges in the QA Process

Quality Assurance is an essential part of the Software Development and Testing procedure. QA is not just a process but a discipline which every Quality Assurance Software Testing Company or a professional Tester who provides Software Quality Services must follow.

With the Software development cycles becoming shorter and quicker, the Quality Assurance teams are facing new challenges every day to keep up with the pace of work and meeting deadlines.

Let’s have a look at the unforeseen circumstances that might hinder the Testing process.

Understanding the Software

For effective Testing results, its important for the Testing team to understand the features and functions of the application being developed. To achieve this, there’s a need for involvement of the client with the Testing as well as the development team to make them recognize the product.

Collaboration between Testers and Developers

Quality Assurance is a binding entity between the Software Development and the Software QA Tester Company. Hence, it becomes crucial for the QA teams to be involved right from the early stages of program development. Failure of which can lead into irregular Testing and discrepancies in the results. QA is not just the Testing team’s responsibility but entire project team’s accountability.

Early Testing

For a consistent QA approach, the testing should begin at preliminary stages of app development. This facilitates in early detection of errors, defects and issues which can be then addressed at the soonest. Early Testing requires individual Test cases and tools for conducting tests on whatever codes are available even if the features are not complete yet.

Test Coverage

There’s a constant rush to deliver a complete tested software as quickly as possible. There are high risks of missing out certain Testing functions because of rapid change in the system requirements. Along with continuous integration Testing, the QA Testers should conduct a thorough survey of requirements to test the app functions.

Build verification

There are higher chances of breaking of the existing codes and features because of rapidly adding new functions and features. To avoid this, along with the manual tests, the able QA Testers should conduct automated tests like Smoke Tests to verify the application’s build.

To conclude:

If these challenges discussed above are addressed in-time, then Quality Assurance can play a vital role in accelerating the process of delivering a seamless, fully functional software or application.

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