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The process of testing an Application or Software is quite different from its development; similarly, the roles of the respective testing and developing companies also differ from each other. And it’s no rocket science to understand that. Through this blog, we are going to find out the importance of both for a particular desktop or mobile app.

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is a rigorous and continuous process which is conducted on the apps to verify its functionality, performance, quality, and interface. Through software and application testing, you are able to find out and identify if there are any unwanted bugs, internal code errors, defects, some functional loopholes or any security threats in your developed software.

In simpler words, testing is done by able and talented Software Testers in QA Software Testing Company under controlled environmental conditions to check and verify that the actual results match with the application or software’s expected results. And most important of all, it manages the quality of your product with respect to its specifications and features.

What is Software development?

Software Development is whole process of coding and computer programming involving different activities to develop a desktop or mobile based application. It includes research, writing codes, maintaining source codes, developing the app’s initial prototypes for testing. Application and software developing companies are responsible for carrying out the necessary modifications in a structured process and fix the issues after the testing results are obtained.

In simpler words, the process that is involved in creating an application is known as Software development which is carried patiently and skillfully by the experienced and professional software developers.

How is Testing different from Development?

So now we know enough about both, the Software development and Software testing process. Testing is done after the product is created, to check its functions and find out bugs, before its delivery to the end users.

  • Software development involves writing codes, while in Testing those codes are verified for its specifications.
  • The app is created by the Software Developing Company but it is tested by a Quality Assurance Testing Company.
  • The tools which QA Testers use, to perform various tests on a specific product consists of certain apps and software which are also developed by the Software developers.
  • A software tester finds out and identifies the issues in the product created by the software developer. These are then reported to the development team, which are then addressed and fixed by the application and software developer only.

To ensure overall smooth development process and effective testing results, both should be done simultaneously. A tester should always work in close coordination with the developer to have a complete and better understanding of the product to carry out good Testing.

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