Which Tools Are Used For Mobile Application Development Testing?

Mobile Application Development Testing is an essential and rigorous process that involves the use of various automated and effective manual testing tools and techniques. These testing tools vary for different operating systems.

Here are some tools for iOS and Android devices that can come in handy when you are in doubt and can help you get the best mobile testing experience.

  • Appium

It is perhaps the most popular testing tool in the software development industry, which supports Google Chrome on Android devices and Safari app on iOS devices. Hence the Quality assurance testers can run tests on various platforms according to their requirements. 

Appium is a self-sufficient tool and automates several applications irrespective of their internal code and programming language. Appium has the drawback of not testing the native app as it just automates HTML and Hybrid apps.

Appium is available as open-source and can be used according to your needs and requirements. Appium also supports automation frameworks like Calabash, UI Automator, uiwebview etc.

  • Celerio

Celerio is a web-based testing tool that starts up automatically when the OS boots and works inside the OS itself. It can test both Android and iOS versions without any need for installing any software. It provides not only manual but also automated tests. These functionalities make Celerio a good candidate for mobile testing experience.

  • Monkey Runner

With built-in APIs, this tool is an expert on running the tests with the devices that are connected with the computers. It is a good choice for any web developer for testing purposes. Black Box and White Box testing techniques can be applied on it depending upon the needs of the testers.

  • Applitools Eyes

It is another powerful tool that supports both iOS and Android platforms. It provides cross-browser compatibility with its automated UI test features, recording, playback, debugging, and a lot more. It also can resize and reposition mobile apps for a better testing experience.

  • Xamarin Test Cloud

Another cloud based mobile application platform tool that supports Android, iOS, Windows and Xamarin can be used as an automated functional testing tool or QA tester who wants to test their app manually. It provides extensive APIs to test data-driven apps. It also supports different devices with the ability to automate native UIs of Android and iOS.

  • Robotium

When there is a need to conduct black-box testing on any software or mobile application development testing  for Android devices, Robotium is something to rely on. It supports testing on real devices and real-time environments to yield accurate and faster results. Several frameworks like Selendroid, Appium, Calabash etc., are available with Robotium, which makes it a better choice for automation testing.

  • NUnit

This unit testing framework is most widely used in the .NET community and can be applied to apps developed using this language. It supports both iOS and Windows platforms with its dynamic test generation capabilities. This test-driven development framework comes with several APIs which can be used according to the testers’ needs and requirements.

  • Functional

It is another cross platform tool with an automated test case management system used on all major mobile platforms. It supports both Android and iOS along with Windows. Various API libraries are available for this tool to help to test data-driven apps, databases etc.

  • Applause

It provides application testing services with the use of real humans as QA testers. The testers provide feedback on both software as well as the UI. There are various plans available with Applause on which you can trust and rely upon for Testing purposes.

  • Lightshot

It is a great mobile screening tool for gaming or other purposes and is the best screen capture. Testers can also use Lightshot without installing the app separately. It is not just for capturing screenshots, but it can also record the mobile screen and edit the captured data.

  • MoneyTalk

It’s a wonderful functional and for software testing tool that can automate several tests, such as smoke, sanity, etc., for Android and iOS application testing. The interface has a rich user interface that enables testers to run the QA process without any hassle.

These are some of the popular open-source tools available for mobile testing on iOS and Android platforms. There are several other options, such as Sikuli, Spoon, Selenium, WDV etc., that can be considered depending upon the requirements and budget of the teams.

  • TestComplete

This is an efficient and quick tool to run user interface (UI) tests for Android and iOS app testing. TestComplete is widely trusted by Quality Assurance cloud based mobile application testing firms. It is a user-friendly tool with extensive APIs to support cross platform automation testing.

A complete test case management solution for Android and iOS applications, TestComplete enables testers to execute tests right on the devices without coding or compile time. The online mobile cloud testing functions included video recording the device screen, step-by-step debugging, and bug/defect reporting.

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