5 Popular Bug Tracking Tools for Software Testing

You might have developed flawless software with unique interface, but every website or mobile app is ultimately besieged with unwanted defects and bugs. And the more distinguished functions and number of features are present in your product, it will be at higher risk of getting infected by a bug or some unknown cyber threat.

    • Bug Fixing

That is why Software Testing and Quality Management is the most important and crucial aspect for your application’s success. Quality Assurance tester identifies and tracks the defects and fixes them for improved and enhanced user experience with the assistance of some advanced defect management and bug tracking tools.

There are a lot of Software Testing and bug tracking tools that are present, and it can be a real fight and challenge to choose the best and the most effective tool for your product. Let’s discuss what are some of the effective tools for reporting and tracking the bugs in your application and software.

    • JIRA


With features such as reporting the bugs, logging the defects, planning how to get rid of it, maintaining the records and integrating code, JIRA is considered the most popular Bug Tracking Tool. It supports a number of add-ons and is compatible with most of the devices and provides quite effective fixes.



It is the most simplified, basic and an open source online tool for bug tracking. The interface is quite scalable and easy to understand and BugZilla provides a comparatively budgeted option for number of organizations. Being a product of MoZilla Corporation, it is compatible with Linux and Windows operating systems.



ReqTest is a type of tracking tool which offers a collaboration between the bug testers and application developers, which increases the speed of identification and tracking of bugs. This tool comes with a JIRA add-on feature, which allows the JIRA users to sync with ReqTest.



This tool offers great and precise monitoring of the bugs and detailed bug reports with proper data on any changes or updates carried in earlier. With features such as Wikis, assigning sub tasks, burndown charts, search features etc, it is one of the most active and effective bug tracking tools.



It integrates easily with many Bug Tracking tools to assertion both, Manual Software Testing and Automated testing modules. It supports cloud-based integration, which makes it unique from the others. Its dashboard features are quite user friendly which offers flexible controls, planning, project management, security and test cycles.


There are many other big tracking tools present in the market which you can choose from. Its main feature is to identify and fix the bugs, errors, flaws, loopholes or defects in your product. To conclude, no matter what tool you use, it should be easy and effective to use. While some tools provide email notifications, file attachments and multiple operating system compatibilities, others provide easy integration with other bug tracking tools and software.

If you are still indecisive, a Quality Assurance software testing service provider such as HikeQA can help you better with QA Testing solutions for your product.

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