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What is the Software Developer’s Role in Automated Software Testing?

Software development is not an easy job. It requires diligent and continuous efforts to make a fully functional mobile or website based application. Manual or Automated UI Testing is a part of whole software development process which consists of various tests such as black box, white box, grey box testing etc.

Roles and responsibilities

The role of a developer of software programmer is to;

  1. Identify the requirements of a particular Application or Software
  2. Implement its functionalities based on the specifications and requirements provided by the end user.

For this the developers need to ensure that the codes they created works exactly as they intended, which is done by able Quality Assurance Testers that provide various functional testing, regression testing, performance testing and cloud based mobile testing solutions.


Let’s discuss the potential situations which a software developer might face with his product;

  • If the developed application works only on single device. The testers need to test it on mobile devices, tablets and computers of different brand, screen size, resolutions, internet bandwidth, etc.
  • The added features after any update or upgrade of the application doesn’t work properly in coordination with the existing features.
  • The impact of internet connection on the application’s functions.
  • If the additional codes fail to interact with the overall product performance.
  • If the application fail to load or crash unexpectedly when subjected to unknown conditions and extreme user traffic.


Now to address these issues, the software development firm hires QA Testers. They are experts in testing the application, and provide solutions after analyzing each and every aspect of a program. The Software developers know that there is some issue with their product, but it’s the testers who find out those bugs, errors and loopholes in the system and stop them from reoccurring without compromising with the quality.

That doesn’t mean that it relieves the software developer or programmer from his qualities. It’s their responsibility to produce fully functional software. It’s always better to start with testing at the coding stage itself. Testers use high-end automated tools and various processes at different stages to verify the working and operation of the application.

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