What is the Software Developer’s Role in Automated Software Testing?


Software development is not an easy job. It requires diligent and continuous efforts to make a fully functional mobile or website-based application. Manual or Automated Software Testing is a part of the whole software development process, consisting of various tests such as black box, white box, grey box testing etc. Not only this, but also software developers look after the maintenance of the application, setting up dashboards for reporting touch results, developing tools so that design patterns can work systematically, and working on test scripts for software efficiency. 

A software developer also investigates problems in software, works with QA analysts for a well-defined automated structure. Designing, development, testing involve specific duties and research activities for automation tool development that software developers do with highly skilled professional knowledge.

Must have skills of Software Developer

Sharp skills, effective mindset, professional knowledge, vision and focus are some qualities that are needed in a software developer. A developer designs and writes programs that run an automatic test using automation frameworks to build programs and softwares that determines the functioning of a particular company. The job of a developer is to test using tools and set design frameworks through automation testing that primarily focuses on applying practices and coding skills. A software developer must have knowledge skills to perform it in a well-mannered set with a definite protocol.

Formulating test scenarios (IDEATION, PLANNING, EXECUTION, and DEVELOPMENT)-

A developer will always review product codes and test scenarios using frameworks to understand the design pattern and then make a well-planned execution plan keeping in mind the circumstances of the test scenario. Simple negligence in formulating test scenarios causes significant issues with the software. With this comes an understanding of quality assurance methodologies, life cycles, algorithms, API testing, relational databases, distributed systems, manipulating test data, and processes. A software developer’s work doesn’t end there. It also involves bug reports, communicating except in test and test scenarios, working with deployment teams and resolving any issues within the test automation framework.

 A software developing company also looks into the formation, test automation and set of frameworks on different applications such as mobile, web, and desktop to determine its functioning and operational usage. Software development professionals also focus on testability, robustness in the development and testing cycles and play a contributory role in the design of the production software. They are the key persons who know the entire system from start to end. They use extensive code to build, deploy, run and influence the development meant, program management through acceptance testing by leveraging the coding skills on technical implementation and user scenarios.

Roles and responsibilities

There are three set manners in which a software developer works, and that is by understanding the requirements, problems and finally finding the solutions. 

The role of a developer or software programmer is to –

  1. Identify the requirements of a particular Application or Software
  2. Implement its functionalities based on the specifications and requirements provided by the end-user.

For this, the developers need to ensure that the code they created works as intended, which is done by able Quality Assurance Testers that provide various functional testing, regression testing, performance testing, saas testing, and other cloud based mobile testing solutions.


Let’s discuss the potential situations which a software developer might face with his product –

  • Suppose the developed application works only on a single device. The testers need to test it on mobile devices, tablets and computers of different brands, screen size, resolutions, internet bandwidth, etc.
  • After any update or upgrade of the application, the added features don’t work correctly in coordination with the existing features.
  • The impact of internet connection on the application’s functions.
  • If the additional codes fail, the interaction with the overall product performance leads to issues. 
  • Sometimes the application fails to load or crashes when subjected to unknown conditions and extreme user traffic.


Now to address these issues, the software development firm hires QA Testers. They are experts in testing the application and provide solutions after analyzing every aspect of a program. The Software developers know that there is some issue with their product, but the testers find out those bugs, errors, and loopholes in the system and stop them from reoccurring without compromising the quality.

That doesn’t mean that it relieves the software developer or programmer of his qualities. It’s their responsibility to produce fully functional software. It’s always better to start with testing at the coding stage itself. Testers use high-end automated tools and various processes at different stages to verify the working and operation of the application.


A software developer’s need in any company is of utmost importance because they are the captain of the ship without which the software’s boot cannot work. It is a need that must be fulfilled to bring more challenging and highly demanding products into the current market. We at HikeQA are a team of experienced software quality assurance testers who work towards the betterment of your product’s interface to get enhanced quality applications for an amazing user experience.

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