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Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing means delivering various services through the internet. It involves data storage, accessing to the servers and databases, networks, different applications and tools. Basically, usage of cloud services eliminates any hard drives for storage purposes and the users have privilege of accessing the data from any location.

Similarly Cloud Testing Services refers to the type of Software Testing where the application is tested using these cloud computing services.

Advantages of Cloud Testing-as-a-service(TaaS):

  • Cloud Testing not only reduces but eliminates the expensive software and tools costs. There are numerous apps that are available on the cloud servers which any qualified QA Tester can access based on their requirements.
  • It can be accessed from any device such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. The users don’t have to spend unnecessary on expensive hardware and can conduct testing from whatever medium is available to them.
  • As there’s no need of buying, arranging and installing new applications, hence the work efficiency of the employees in a software and user testing services is not affected.
  • Cloud computing enables the testing team to have centralized and arranged data at a location. No hassle of managing data on different storage hard drives.
  • Cloud computing facilitates easy data recovery. It creates automatic backup on the cloud system you are working on which saves the efforts of recovering the data in case a storage device crashes or corrupts.
  • The data stored on cloud system can be accessed by any team member or client from any location by simply a password.
  • The vendors who provide cloud services ensure to use data centres which provide the highest security for client’s information with proper encryption and password protection.
  • Cloud Testing enables a quicker and faster approach to whole Testing process hence it saves a lot of Testing time and team’s efforts that goes in traditional Software Testing method.
  • Cloud Testing offers free and unlimited data storage for its users unlike the systems in office with limited storage space and memory.

In addition to these listed benefits, Cloud Testing is a boon in the Software Testing industry where different Testers can join a community to share their views, case studies, test cases and thus can help each other.

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