What are SaaS testing tools?

Every type of testing requires some kinds of tools that determine the working functionality of particular software. SaaS testing is a type of cloud testing where cloud-based applications are tested using resources provided by the cloud environment. It is vital to understand that SaaS applications entail testing that involves data security, optimization of testing, interface compatibility, and testing any application comes with a lot of responsibility. A company must ensure that a smooth business workflow is maintained so that end-to-end integration is possible. To understand the SaaS testing tools and its model of application development to be a successful form of cloud computing. Without SaaS testing, customers then look for a better product as a part of testing.

What is SaaS testing?

SaaS application testing is a set of testing methodologies that eliminates the effort and time spent building a particular software as a service model of development, which inadvertently reduces the risk and cost of operation. SaaS testing is a software testing procedure in which web applications use cloud computing environments to perform the testing. It determines the integrity of the premise of the application and involves data security, logic, and data integration.

Why are SaaS tools important?

Any software to become successful has to go through a certain procedure that involves choosing the right tools. Some factors that determine the selection of SaaS applications are -security, compliance, platform suitability, integration, and return on investment. It includes performance testing, availability testing, security testing, interoperability testing, stress on low testing, integration and migration testing, and business workflow tests. These testing tools help provide flexibility, defects within the link, avoid repetition of defect login, real-time assessments, plan and organize testing activities within the schedule which is a methodological process. Here we have laid down a testing tool that makes the process rigorous and saves ample time and effort –

1. PractiTest – In any company, software testing is an integral part where the SaaS testing tool provides an end-to-end solution and is a testing feature that users can track and manage for the development of the testing project. This tool comes with its characteristics and traits that determine its efficient working-

  • It saves time and cost, smoothens the whole testing procedure, and improves brand affinity and loyalty.
  • It provides project status in real-time.
  • It is a very convenient and easy procedure to communicate with the agents and developers at different stages of development.
  • It also helps manage the respective projects with testing processes and information and handles communication with the stakeholders.

2. Burp Site – Every company’s software in the initial stages of development has some fault that needs to be resolved. But Burp Suite is one of the most popular tools used for penetration testing and vulnerability finder tools for checking and testing web application security. It is a choice of security professionals worldwide. It is a proxy-based tool used to evaluate the protection of the applications and does hands-on testing, and is the most widely used application.

  • It breaks HTTPS defectively and exposes hidden attacks in software that might cause hindrances.
  • It is very lightweight, stable, with a well-designed user interface. It helps as a crawling website.
  • It also facilitates deeper manual testing of scanning as one browser because it is cross-platform supported.
  • Even can combine manual testing with automated security analysis method, which is why it is more flexible and does easy testing.

3. QMetry – Like other testing tools, this one is completely different because it involves an open-source automation framework covering all the phases of an application testing cycle.
It is a complete package of selenium-driven testing that encourages maximizing efficiency and creating test cases with different ways to reuse them. It is a test management tool that runs the project, tracks bugs, and follows the method of centralized test management. Its features are as follows-

  • It allows the creation of test cases and different ways to reuse them, enabling test automation in the early testing cycle.
  • It is the first open-source network that scans mobile and web services, acts as a tool for multiple mobile devices, and supports multilingual applications.
  • It helps communicate easily, assists in rapid development, and manages dash across the QA team and stakeholders.
  • It improves efficiency with traceability, usability, and faster search across assets, preventing defect leakage and test case documentation.


These are the three best tools that we believe are perfect for your testing. SaaS testing has its challenges, but it can help solve all issues with ideal integration and functionality. At HikeQA, these testing tools will surely maintain the efficiency required across the development cycles without exhausting your internal expert team. SaaS test is an umbrella project under which advancement with the advent of cloud testing. SaaS testing, a detailed report, and quality automation service are expected to enhance the customer’s experience. It helps mitigate the risks involved in a business with the right strategy, automation, & best practices that are followed. SaaS testing also looks at the non-functional requirements like a test web browser that can prove very beneficial.

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