Why Cyber Security Testing is Important?

With the growing technologies and digitization of everything, cyber threats are also increasing. In today’s world, Cyber Security is no more a question of choice, it’s as essential as your house security. Testing in software engineering ensures that your software/website or application is prepared for any unprecedented cyber-attack, such as hacking and measures how active your tactics are if a potential threat, which can actually impact your business, occurs.

What is Cyber-attack?

The internet wouldn’t harm us if we are careful enough while using it. we choose to react to suspicious content and websites. The cyber-attack happens when you don’t know what you’re doing on internet and choose to respond to any unknown and suspicious content or clicks on random links of some attractive advertisements. This can result in automatic download of virus or infected software on your system.

Who are cyber-attackers?

Cybercriminals or hackers can be anyone- kids, teenagers, professional and big companies. They use fake IP addresses, phishing email accounts, social media profiles to track and get in touch with other people on internet. They change their system IP addresses to some other country to avoid them being tracked. Also, they steal sensitive and private information when people carelessly share with unknown people or on social media networks, reply to fake emails, etc. That’s why it’s very important to reply only for the trusted inputs on the internet.

Cyber software testing and quality assurance is required to analyze and assess the susceptibilities or loopholes in your cyber system. On internet you are connecting with unknown users and servers and if you are not careful enough, your personal information, credit details, finances, important files or any other sensitive information which can hamper your company’s reputation, can be hacked easily. When you are in a business you might have stored vast data about your client’s information also. It’s important to keep it secure and risk free, otherwise you are making their identities and details vulnerable to the hackers.

How can software testing companies help?

At HikeQA, we offer eminent software testing services and provide you effective solutions for prevention of any potential security threats or privacy breaches into your company’s profile. QA Testing is done by experienced professionals who use cutting-edge automated and manual tools to cautiously evaluate your application or software’s ambiguities which can lead to any cyberattacks.

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