Importance of QA Outsourced Services

Not all companies may have internal Software Testing teams to check the performance and functionality of their apps regularly. In such cases, QA outsourcing services come quite handy and useful for the success of your product. Outsourced QA Testing services are essential to identify any defects, errors or bugs in your app that might have come during an update, upgrade or internal code change.

Without making an investment in some effective Software Testing for your product, you will find yourself struggling to provide your customers, exactly what they are expecting from your product. Quality assurance outsourcing can improve your app’s worth through the application of various techniques, testing suites, manual test cases and automated tools and optimize it further for the improved user interface.

There are various stages and types of testing that are required to check the performance and working of the app such as:

  • Performance Testing

These are done to ensure that an application works fine under different circumstances and when subjected to maximum load.

  • Functional Testing

This type of testing is done to test individual functions of software or application to ensure that its working as per its pre-determined requirements.

  • Non-functional Testing

This is done to test the non-functional set of parameters such as the performance of the software.

  • Manual Testing

The test cases are executed by Human QA Testers without the use of any automated tools.

  • Automated Testing

Here, the test cases are executed without any human supervision, with help of test frameworks and pre-written test scripts.

  • Mobile App Testing

Different mobile applications are tested for their functionality, performance and usability, which can either manual or automated.

  • Regression Testing

This is done to make sure that an application or software works same like before after any code change or update.
Advantages of outsourced QA testing.

To keep up with the faster pace of technology and growing startups, QA outsourcing services focuses in reducing the time and cost it would normally take to get your software tested.

  • You don’t have to set up any internal Software Testing team, hence outsourced QA services helps you to reduce overall Testing cost.
  • They are experienced professionals who work with proficient tools and techniques to identify any bugs and defects faster.
  • Testing experts and QA Testers helps to reduce run time errors.
  • Cutting edge and high-end automated software testing tools to reduce Testing time.
  • Enhanced user interface and enriched experience.
  • Optimization of overall application and software performance.

How can we help you?

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HikeQA provides you with a flexible services model, which enables you to hold complete control over your testing process. You can halt, resume, decrease or increase the testing rate and even alter the course of Testing.

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