API Security Testing

Security Testing is important and critical aspect of the Application and Software Development process. The various usage of cloud and mobile networks have made our lives convenient, but it has also posed security threats to client’s data while accessing bank details, investing in stock trading, payroll accounts etc. A robust and fool proof security Testing program is therefore, essential for any app or software to ensure the customer’s personal information.

What is API Security Testing?

API’s are the most vulnerable and easiest access points (out of all components of an app) for a potential cyber hack or attack. Failing to secure API’s might cost your client’s valuable and sensitive data to expose in front of the hackers. If there’s even a minute error in the API, it might affect each and every aspect of the app that relies on that API. Thus even the smallest of the defect can cause whole system to fail.

Application Programming Interface (API) security testing by top software testing companies ensure that the software and application’s codes are safe and secure.

Advantages of automated API Security Testing:

  • Defect-free APIs helps in averting cyber threats or hacks.
  • It is proven to be cost-effective in long run because API exponentially reduces the risks in the later stages of Software development.
  • API Testing is done through various Penetration, Fuzz Testing and Security testing techniques which are less time consuming as compared to Functional Testing or usability testing services.
  • API Security Testing does not depend on other technologies used to develop the software.
  • Makes sure that the quality of the product is maintained throughout the process of Software development and Testing.
  • Automated API security Testing have easy to maintain Test scripts.
  • Reduced risks to external threats and system malfunction.
  • Faster Testing approach which helps in delivering the product early.
  • Bugs are discovered and addressed at initial stages which reduces the risk of a defected program at a later stage.
  • Using API Testing techniques ensure that your application is safe from any data exposure, unwanted and unforeseen flaws or any uncertified authentication.


With the increasing risk of data breach and exposure, the importance of API security Testing is growing daily. Hence it becomes essential to identify the possible vulnerabilities and address them soon to avoid any system malfunctioning or hacks. HikeQA is an independent software testing company based in India, which deals in all kinds of mobile and website security testing to ensure safe and robust software and application.

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