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How does Black Box Testing differ from White Box Testing?

Software and User Experience Testing is the back bone of any mobile or website application. It is done to check the product against a set of test cases, situations and various conditions for identification of any faults, loopholes, cyber threats, bugs or errors present in the software. These results are then used to make the necessary improvements, fix the bugs and changes in the codes to enhance the user interface.

Though, there are many types of software and application testing. Most common being, the black box testing and the white box testing. In this blog, we will discuss about the characteristics of both, when are they carried out and the basic difference between both the type of Software Product Testing.

Black Box Testing

Black Box Testing

  • This type of Software testing is carried by the Quality Assurance testing teams.
  • Black Box Testing is done on a product without being aware of its actual internal code structure.
  • No such exclusive Programming knowledge is needed to perform Black Box test on software.
  • This Type of Testing is majorly used in higher levels of testing, such as System and Acceptance Testing.
  • It is comparatively less time-consuming software quality assurance process.
  • The results of this Testing are based on a broad spectrum, so it can be a little challenging to analyze the correct outcome and results.
  • It majorly focuses on the working of applications.
  • No Testing implementation knowledge is required for Black box Testing.
  • Internal code related defects are hard to identify.
  • As the tester does not have all the technical knowledge, the test coverage would be comparatively less.
  • Because of less test coverage, its hard to cover all the testing aspects.
  • In black box test, no internal code access is required while testing.

White Box Testing

White Box Testing

  • This type of Software testing is carried by the Software Developers at an early stage.
  • White Box Testing is done on a product knowing all the internal code structure.
  • Programming knowledge required to perform White Box test on a Software.
  • This Type of Testing is majorly used in lower levels of testing, such as Unit and Integration Software Testing.
  • It is a time-consuming and exhaustive software testing process.
  • The results of this testing are based on a specific part of functionality at a time, so it is easy to identify the correct outcome.
  • It majorly focuses on how an application is built.
  • Implementation knowledge is required for White Box Testing.
  • Internal code-related errors can be easily identified and can be optimized too.
  • As the tester does have all the technical knowledge, the test coverage would be vast.
  • Because of more test coverage, almost all the testing aspects in the application are covered.
  • In white box test, Internal code access is required while testing.

To conclude:

This is the basic difference between the two, and it should give you an idea, where to use which one. Having said that, please note that complete Software Testing is not quite possible with either. Therefore, it depends on the application type, Tester’s knowledge and circumstances to judge where you should carry out a Black Box Testing and where a White Box Testing.

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