Importance of Mobile App Testing

Mobile phones have been the greatest invention in recent times, making everyone a dependent user. It’s difficult to imagine even a day without our mobile phones. And with the constant growth in technology, you can see that each and every sector is being digitized for convenience of people. With this, more and more apps are being launched daily. Hence, to give an enhanced user experience through your app, mobile application testing is essential.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. There are separate apps for separate age group, gender, purpose etc. For instance, there is Facebook for your friend circle, Instagram for blogging, Twitter for expressing opinions, Youtube for posting and watching videos, Snapchat for exchanging funny filter videos and photos, Tinder or Bumble for dating, LinkedIN for business purposes, Pinterest for keeping a track of hobbies, DIY and exploring new stuff etc. The list goes on! You have an app for anything and everything! Period.

Be it E-commerce or Retail industry, Banking and Finance, Gaming sector, Music apps, Hotel and Hospitality, Medical sector, Food delivery app, Education industry or any Entertainment, News and Broadcast channels, people tend to use the mobile phone supported apps rather than computer compatible ones. There are millions of mobile applications and daily hundreds of new ones are being launched. Therefore, its utmost important to keep your app updated all the time and keeping in mind its compatibility with different models and software version such as IOS, android and windows while developing the applications.

Why testing is required?

With the increasing demand for mobile apps, mobile performance testing has become need of the hour. If the user is not happy with the working of your application, he might delete it and never return.

  • It is done to make sure that your app not just works fine, but delivers an impeccable user interface and experience to its consumers.
  • Mobile browser testing ensures that any bugs or errors which can arise during update or change of codes, are identified and fixed asap.
  • Besides, you must ensure that your product works great and does not lead to any unwanted and unimagined chaos and loss of clients, under any unforeseen conditions.
    For example, an e-commerce application can be subjected to unimaginable load on a Christmas or a black Friday sale and users can find inconvenience while browsing or even while making a payment.
  • Similarly, a sports entertainment app during live streaming of a famous game or an entertainment app can crash during a much – anticipated movie or series broadcast.
    If your product encounters any problem, it can become a negative aspect for your brand and can eventually lead to losing a lot of users.

How can we help you?

Hike QA is a Mobile App Testing company that uses latest and cutting-edge automated testing tools and techniques to make sure that your application works properly under all the circumstances and does not crash if the traffic is more than expected. We are an expert of Manual as well as automated Software Testing to improve the performance of your application.

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