Top 5 Remote Usability Testing Tools


Most usability testing companies get into unlikely situations while conducting usability tests. Of course, they need to do their job, but usability studies in the field can be hard.

Luckily, some awesome remote usability testing tools are available in the market, making work easy for the testers.

It would be best to avoid the tools that are of no use and instead take out some of your time to read about these useful ones.


  1. UserZoom Remote Usability Testing Tool

UserZoom has several versions. You can discover your usability problems with either the remote, for the lab, moderated, or unmoderated version.

You can straightaway interview the users when they use your application, and you can browse through the interview sessions afterward.

The best part is that if you have no prior experience with remote usability testing or are seriously searching for some inspiration, you’ll be easily able to get hold of Study Templates from UserZoom.

Along with usability tests, UserZoom is also equipped with some superb analytics features like tree testing, card testing, usability benchmarking and detailed surveys.

  1. Testbirds Remote Testing Tool

(Price ranging from 200€/ month)

Testbirds make software product testing for your application easy. It helps to find out the perfect section of participants to assist them in testing your mobile application.

With this, you can easily test websites, wearable technology, as well as smart devices.

With the qualitative and quantitative tools, Testbirds also has the benefit of other mobile analysis techniques, like remote evaluation, interviews and competitor analysis.

To begin with, name your target group. Based on that, the usability testing tool searches for the best testers for you, who properly test your app and deliver detailed qualitative feedback.

After that, Testbirds gathers and checks the feedback and gives you the data along with the final report.

  1. UXCam App Analytics

(Free version, premium & enterprise plan on request)

This is a qualitative analytics solution, providing various analytics techniques for mobile apps only, which signifies that it isn’t your typical usability testing tool.

It also does not involve the testers, but there’s nothing to worry about. You can continue to use it as a user testing tool.

UXCam provides benefits that normal in-person usability tests don’t.

  1. It tracks real users and doesn’t have an artificially made lab environment.
  2. It helps save time as well as money during the planning & implementation of tests.
  3. It follows user journeys over several weeks, not days.
  4. Consults all significant insights on a dashboard.

You get session recordings that you can use to keep track of each user’s interaction, along with other tools like heatmaps and details of conversion funnel analysis. These assist in recognizing the usability problems at a glance.

The intricate filter system allows the discovery of particular user groups or sessions with frustration patterns.

You’ll also find it easy to integrate UXCam into your mobile application within 5 minutes and with only 2 statements of code. 

  1. User Testing

(Suitable for Android and iOS, mobile as well as web)

UserTesting allows you to “involve customers in each step of the procedure.” It will provide you with audio, video, and written feedback by testers within a few hours.

The main difference between UXCam and UserTesting is that the users are aware that they are testing an application. Therefore, you can observe and listen to whatever the users have in mind about your app.

  1. Lookback Remote Usability Tool

(The price for this begins at $49/ month)

It can be used on iOS. Lookback is just another candidate in our group of tools and provides 3 varieties of usability testing.

Live & Moderated Testing: In this, the tests are run in real-time. Thus, you can observe the participants and their screens and know what they think of your app.

Unmoderated Testing: In this, your participants begin the test by clicking a link. The software takes them through the test when they are done with the tasks.

In-Person Testing: This kind of testing is only useful when the participants start using your devices inside the laboratory. It permits you to record it all on the devices without requiring complicated equipment or other software.

Concluding Thoughts

The above-listed tools provide all kinds of functionalities and analysis techniques. 

On one side, we have remote usability testing tools in which users know that they are testing an application.

This has the benefit that you get to ask them questions and record everything that they have to say about your app, but it is still a situation in which users do not act like it in real life. But then, there are also tools like UXCam, which tracks the user behaviour in their natural environment. 

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