4 key challenges and solutions of regression testing


What is a business without challenges? It’s nothing. Challenges are a proven way to improve the quality of the services and improve the company’s reputation. With the help of regression testing, companies have to go through several hurdles. However, with the application of the right tools and techniques it can cross those hurdles very easily. As a software testing company, they have to cross many hurdles in many things that can get in the way of a regression testing strategy. Therefore, it becomes essential for companies to solve these problems as quickly as possible. Many stakeholders consider that software developers follow a very linear process, where codes are deployed, and the software is written in a testing code form. 

Are challenges important? 

With the advancement in technology and agile methodologies, many companies are adopting techniques to provide better services. Regression testing is a testing procedure that plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the product remains unaffected because of an addition of a new feature. In such cases, having challenges becomes a very integral procedure, and it also includes execution of tests and elimination of the risks associated with the software updates. Challenges can be big or small; the size does not matter; what matters is the lessons these challenges can teach. Testers with experience can easily solve all the problems; however, it can be quite a challenge for testers who are beginners. Mistakes are inevitable, and instead of ignoring them, solving them can help businesses. 

Let’s see the challenges.. and it’s solutions too – 

  1. Time and cost  

Challenge – As simple as these terms sound, it is much more complicated than we can think in the case of regression testing. It is time-bound, which means that it can create some problems for successful software testing projects as a few tests might get skipped. It can sometimes be hard to justify its time to create, run the tests, execute plans and follow-ups. 

Solution – However, several tools and techniques like tests complete that help in reducing the time and cost of writing these tests. It means that test script software can be configured to run automatically as a part of the continuous integration that will help reduce time and effort. 

  1. Maintenance and complexity 

Challenge – To understand the procedure of regression testing, one must understand that it is a very vast procedure that is complex throughout the development project. It means that it makes many types of testing impractical for engineers to test without the help of automation techniques. It needs to have optimization and maintenance with the modification, addition and editing of the test cases, which sometimes can be a difficult task on the tester’s part. 

Solution – In such cases, division of work should play a very important role. Every tester involved in the procedure of regression testing must be given a certain aspect of the testing procedure to deal with. By dividing the work on a wide range of platforms, testers can balance user interface tests, using different tools and liabilities that could eliminate all the problems in the testing procedure.

  1. Structuring the framework

Challenge – Most often, companies hire testers during the procedure of the testing project to speed up the process. In such cases, the new testers take time to get accustomed to the application before the testing procedure starts. Existing testers do not have the time to explain to the new testers about the features and functionalities, old bugs, delivery deadlines etc., which can cause the project to get delayed. 

Solution – Giving knowledge and guidance to the old testers becomes very important for the new testers. To avoid any mistakes in the framework of the regression testing, adequate information about the ongoing software testing procedures must be stated through reports, strategies and other forms of communication. Failure to execute regression testing effectively can cause severe damage to the software testing company and the client company. 

  1. Analyzation of the bug reports 

Challenge – In the case of regression testing, many testers fail to analyze the bug report in detail. It means that what happens is that sometimes bugs are the only major reason that is making a software procedure a critical one. Bugs are the most difficult hurdle in the regression testing procedure that the testers need to overcome, and bugs mean technical issues are still present in the software that needs the testers’ attention. 

Solution – If your application has bugs in it, it will lead to the failure of the application. As a software tester, you must always analyze and verify the bug report in detail. It means analyzing with the bug tools using the bug tracking tools that can help you capture screenshots, execute plans and policies and help to analyze the regression testing method smoothly. 


Regression testing is quite boring and time-consuming, and there is no doubt about that. But it is the responsibility of the testers to bridge the gap between the users and developers by solving problems of the clients before deployment. As a tester and a software qa consulting firm, automation has been an evolving system that means business objectives and is cost-effective. At HikeQA, we have a dynamic team that is good at writing scripts and maintaining them for a properly planned and successful project.


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