Top 8 Questions to ask before Outsourcing to a QA Vendor

Questioning and Outsourcing to a QA vendor are the 2 sides of the same coin. The beginning of a software project has lots of doubts and questions that are unanswered. In this situation, you must first make a decision regarding which company or organization you should select? Maybe, you have the option to seek help from software outsourcing companies well equipped to make your project a success, but you are in a confusion regarding which company to select and why you choose them over some other company?

These questions will help your business grow.

Let’s find out what the questions that you must ask your QA Outsourcing company are while having the initial discussions.

What is the customized app development procedure followed by your company?

This is the most important question for the procedures followed by a company for app development and in the same question, you can also throw light on the positive side of the company depending on how it takes care of the business needs of your project.

This question elaborates on the minute details and approaches taken by the company to deliver the software product. Try to stay away from the companies that serve you with already developed themes unless you have some problem with it.

Can you show the records of similar projects previously performed by your company?

This question shows the trust factor that the company or vendor can easily work on your project without any hassle, as they are already experts. Before asking this question, you need to do your research to know whether the latest technologies and approaches are utilized in the market for a project similar to your project.

What certifications, accreditations, and experience does your company hold?

This is one question that matters the most. That’s why you need to ask your vendor to mention the certifications and accreditations held by them.

Software Development companies and developers are mostly certified and checked by global institutions like Oracle, MongoDB, Google, IBM, SAP, Amazon, etc. Here you may ask about the experience level of the developers as well as confirm whether the project is in safe hands or not.

Ask about the leadership team while outsourcing to a qa vendor

The leadership or management layer is extremely important. It is more important than the frontline associates, in terms of quality. You’ll meet these people day in and day out and many of them will also be your partner who will help grow your team.

A few questions that you need to ask yourself, every time you meet a BPO are: Do you trust them? Do you enjoy talking to them? Do they have prior experience in making the perfect team? or Do you have trust in their advice?

What is the process of Quality Assurance and Software Testing like?

There is no business scope without quality. It does not matter whether it’s software or something else, if the quality is taken care of, the business will grow to a huge extent,

This is why it’s important to ask your vendor to talk to you about the qa procedure and how it’s done on every feature that’s added to the app. The points that are to be taken care of, from your side are:

  1. Whether the entire in-house team dedicated to working, will be there for the whole purpose or they’ll search for other resources?
  2. What will their process of planning be like? and what are the types of testing provided by them in the various phases of the project?

After being satisfied with the vendor, you can plan and look forward to the other important points.

How will the project get tracked for the progress, plans, and hindrances, and what is my position in the process?

It is important to know how far the development process has reached. That’s why it is essential to ask the vendor how you’ll be a part of the project? and what platforms will be put to use for tracking the project development procedure?

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What are the technologies used by you?

This question helps you confirm from your outsourcing vendors that the technologies that they work on are known by them and also check whether they can embrace new technologies based on the requirements of the futuristic scope of your project. If you have already finalized your technology, then you must ensure that your outsourcing vendor is aware and has the best resources themselves.

How will you measure the price and length of the project and what all should be included in the pricing?

Your qa outsourcing company will be enthusiastically talking in detail about their procedure for answering this question, as it is one of the most essential questions asked to organizations. Few companies provide quick delivery at a high price and some of them promise a moderate delivery time for less price.

High prices and less time will provide you with the best services, but that’s not the final case. You must come to a conclusion based on your pricing and the confidence presented by your company.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be scared to ask about the attrition. If the management is focused on quality, the attrition rate won’t be that high. High attrition signifies a negative company culture or underpaid employees. These will also impact your consumers.

HikeQA’s Premium outsourced QA testing services guarantee the maximum test result cases to certify the software and applications with greater scalability and no bugs or defects. Hope these questions will be of great help to you while outsourcing to a qa vendor.

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