Top 7 QA & Software Testing Companies In India 2022

Did you know about the companies that were ranked the Top 7 QA & Software Testing Companies In India in 2022? India is a significant seedbed for all IT and Technology companies in the present scenario.

Different Software pioneers predict that the Software Testing market in our nation will expand in the form of a billion-dollar industry by 2025. The discovery of the latest software trends like AI and ML contributed to the market’s growth.

Growing Indian Software companies are making a worldwide imprint and have come together to turn Software Testing into an unchangeable segment of the IT industry.

While talking about the companies that are creating a global mark and have turned Software Testing into an unchangeable segment of the IT industry, we kept in mind a few things.  

Let’s find out.

Top 7 QA & Software Testing Companies


HikeQA is an independent Quality Assurance company, successfully delivering robust QA and Testing solutions for all kinds of Software and Mobile Apps for the past 10 years.

The team at HikeQA comprises hard-working professionals who are innovation-led, highly capable, creative, have strategic minds and work with a lot of enthusiasm to develop and deliver bug-less, functional software to you. They provide a wide variety of services like 

  • mobile app testing, 
  • automated testing, 
  • manual testing, functional testing, 
  • performance testing,
  • regression testing, and 
  • quality assurance outsourcing.

People choose HikeQA because most organizations don’t have a dedicated test department and don’t have hiring specialists to form a good testing team.

We have provided outsourced QA Testing services to all these companies and business organizations for many years. We know that your client network is dependent on all that your Software or App promises to deliver to them, and at HikeQA, customer satisfaction remains our top priority.


TestVox stands for quality and consistency. It was founded with an organization in mind that provides complete testing services. Since 2017, they have slowly grown from being a mini startup to a team of highly skilled engineers.

They have completed projects with national and international clients in India, U.A.E and U.K. Testvox has maintained long-duration client relations by cultivating severe and trustworthy business links. This helped them achieve their final goal on millions of occasions, and now, they are a go-to testing partner for all client products from start to end.


SIMFORM is a technology organization that keeps pace with future trends. SIMFORM targets to help companies expand their technology power. Found way back in 2010, it has helped all kinds of startups as well as fortune 500 companies and NGOs.

SIMFORM also helps companies grow into innovation leaders by delivering on-demand software teams. Their teams help you decide the perfect architecture and procedures to follow and overlook the appropriate delivery of your software projects.

It functions as your complete development stack and assists you in running your business and handling all your development requirements. You can always get proper access to the team of professionals at SIMFORM whenever you need.


delaPlex diligently takes care of the clients and shows uncompromised transparency. It is a global software development and business solutions provider company. They have an exceptionally successful track record for developing high-quality software. Their increased domain knowledge, world-class services and 

specialized expertise delivers remarkable results.

They have been in business since 2008. There are more than 350 global team members, 85% of the clients are more than 5 years old, there is a 100% delivery guarantee, 90% of the clients keep coming back, 82% of the employed professionals have more than 5 years experience, they have delivery centers in Atlanta, Dallas, Nagpur, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad and serve fortune 500 companies as well as innovative startups. 

They are experienced at providing custom software development services, have dedicated, scalable teams, have staff augmentation capacity, and are experts in DevOps, legacy software modernization, technical consulting, quality assurance and testing.


InApp provides a complete cycle of Software Development services to clients worldwide. The clients include SaaS companies, Software Vendors, companies searching to harness business innovation, digital transformation and upcoming technologies.

Their well-bound portfolio of Software Engineering services includes custom software development services, mobile app development services, cloud computing services, DevOps, big data, AR/VR, and more. InApp was awarded for following the Best Practices for Software Testing.

Velotio Technologies 

Velotio Technologies was founded in Pune way back in 2016. They are super skilled at helping tech companies construct substantial engineering teams that turn into an extension of the in-house team and have worked with more than 90 cheerful customers from different industries like enterprise, SaaS, FinTech, Infrastructure & Security etc.

Most of their procedures are mature, and a startup’s flexibility helps them be adaptable and transparent to the customers.

At Velotio, they try to alter the apprehension that appears with hiring an offshore Software Development team. They also provide you with an agile group of fast learners who have worked on many disruptive products and remain eager to take up new challenges.

The best part is that the engineers are skilled at coding and integrations across the different platforms. 

Clarion Technologies

We reside in a world where things are getting fast, quick, and ten times more advanced, and each person across the globe can remain connected to each other. Despite it all, people never have sufficient time for what they love and enjoy.

Clarion assists in making software and apps that easily automate the functioning of personal and professional lives. 

They endlessly work with businesses to assist them in getting close to their mission of bringing changes in their particular domains. They codify your mission and live for the love of code.

Clarion Technologies was founded in early 2000 with an entrepreneurial mindset of delivering software solutions to progressive businesses. They stick to the best practices in QA testing, have been in the business for 22 years and have 3 state-of-the-art centers with more than 500 employees and 1000 clients across the globe.


You can quickly partner with these top 7 Quality Assurance Software Testing organizations in India that would guarantee you flexibility, affordability, scalability and sure-shot performance for your company. Check out the official websites and contact them to eliminate product quality issues.

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