Things to Consider Before Hiring Independent Software Testing Services Company

The significance of Software Testing for your mobile or website application can’t be overlooked. It is something which you don’t want to ignore if you want a high quality, fully functional software product.

Your company’s application is the first thing that the user sets his eye on. And he can leave from the app either getting impressed after using it for the first time or dislike their experience and never return back.

Therefore it’s not just choice but becomes utmost important and necessary to run various Performance and Functional tests on your developed Software.

Even if your organization doesn’t have an in-house Software Testing firm or it’s a small startup, one can consider about hiring an independent Application Testing firm who would outsource the Testing process to deliver the finest product for you.

Here’s a complete list of things that one should give into account before starting the outsourcing process for software and application testing.

1) Is the software company or firm experienced?

You may check about their previous projects and clients they have worked for, to understand how good they are at testing. Sampling a few projects is a wise idea.

2) How proficient is their team with latest tools, technologies and processes?

A company that knows what is going on in the industry will definitely be a better choice for you. So, check about their latest team – who are proficient with what tools. And how good is their knowledge of recent testing techniques?

3) Do they have a strong QA process?

Ask them about the various phases of QA processes that they follow – test planning, test case design, execution and reporting.

4) How good is their problem-solving skills?

This is a most important part of the testing process where most of the issues that may arise in the software product can come up. A client needs to be assured that they have a team who’s been solving problems for a long time.

5) Do they have Worked on Agile/Scrum Methodology?

An excellent team that knows how to work with the latest project management methodologies is a must for any client. Always make sure this point before hiring an independent Software testing company.

6) How good are they at writing test cases and test scripts?

The Software Testing company you hire should be able to write the test cases. And test scripts for their team. Try asking them about some of their samples so that you can understand how good they are at it.

7) Do they have an expert team with good amount of manual testing experience?

An experienced team who has good background in Manual Testing is one that not only knows the technologies but also specializes in manual testing which will prove advantageous for any client.

8) What are their working hours?

This may not a major concern as a client wants a team working round the clock, but it’s always good to know what you should expect from your independent Software Testing company.

9) What is their work methodology?

This is a negotiable point as some people may not have a fixed work methodology, but it’s important to know what you expect from them. And how they will deliver the same as per your agreement.

10) Do they have any tie-ups with Insurance Companies?

This is an important point to consider as whenever your project fails you can always file a claim with the insurance company where your Independent Software Testing Company has tie up.

11) Are they readily available to communicate?

An independent Software testing company should be easily approachable for any communication purpose, be it about their work or clarifying doubts which may arise as the testing process takes its course.

12) What is their opinion about Assertions and Exception Handling?

A good team will always keep asserting, that’s what we learn to do in our Software Development life cycle. But if any other person comes and says you shouldn’t use assertions. And exception handling, then you need to be very cautious.

13) What is their opinion about Quality Assurance?

This is an important point to consider as any Client wants quality assurance for the project, but some may prefer not using QA at all. So, it’s always good to ask them what they think of test cases. And testing in general before going ahead with them.

Final Thoughts

HikeQA is an independent Software testing firm which provides all the necessary testing solutions for your mobile or website application to deliver the best user experience. A team of qualified professional QA testers ensures that your application is ready before its mass launch. If you have a project in mind or want to discuss your existing projects, feel free to contact us.

So, if you’re looking for an independent Software Testing Company which can provide all the necessary solutions, do consider these points before hiring them. We at HikeQA , are pretty good at what we do. And will be happy to hear from you!

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