Regression Testing in Agile: Concepts, Challenges and Strategies


Accommodating several types of testing in a software testing world is not easy. Challenges or a common thing that team members and testers encounter on a date today basis during testing. Today, many software companies use automation tools supported with AI-driven technology and virtual reality tools for software testing. Regression testing is one kind of testing where tests are re-run so that the application has minimal risks. 

An agile-friendly automated regression testing process involves a lot of hurdles and challenges that the team needs to face while accommodating such testing. In today’s fast-paced world, companies are looking for products that can provide them with more professional services and keep up with changes in requirements. Therefore, companies are using outsourced services instead of the in-house team as they believe that with the help of outsourced software testing, they can gain prompt updates, changes and requirements in a very smooth and easy manner. 

Regression Testing in Agile Environment 

  • Regression testing in the world retesting a portion of the software after changes or additions have been made to assure that the product’s functionality does not get affected negatively.
  • Agile development is a speedy, adaptive and dynamic process with certain advantages, right from providing quicker ROI, more customer base, a faster and consistent market, consistent improvement or something provided by the agile environment. 
  • In the case of regression testing, testing rounds are assumed to be compressed about the development cycle, and however, the reality is very different. It means that regression testing in the case of an agile environment helps in complying with the old codes with the new principles by remaining consistent with every build. 


Regression testing is an evil methodology where continuous agile processes and business functions with rapid changes occur. In an agile environment, regression testing helps maintain stability within the software and helps in better quality images and product and product enhancements. 

Set of basic concepts – 

  1. Firstly, regression testing methods need to be followed according to your circumstances, the size of your codebase, and available resources. It involves retesting everything – Running all existing tests with intensive resources that isolate regressions. Selective retesting consists of moving parts of the codebase to discover regressions across the codebase. The next one is prioritising the test through a large codebase in functionality related to bugs. 
  2. Automated regression testing is efficient for large and medium-scale projects which involve multi-user games, and it is more reliable for multiple subsystems than for short-term projects. Depending on the size of the project, automated testing must be adopted. 
  3. Manual testing is where sisters manually run and pass regression testing procedures by comparing the automated test results. It is a very exact process but very time-consuming. 


  • Regression testing script with new update test, which can be modified and reviewed to verify its correctness. 
  • Good communication should be maintained with feature engineers to check the requirements of monitoring and assessing the stakeholders. 
  • Sprint execution, maintenance of track test cases, education test suits must not compromise on the product quality in any way. 
  • Analyzing the defect report with that test execution, error tracking tools that help generate screenshots and failure metrics during the regression testing. 
  • Software testers aim to focus on risk areas, especially on the non-functioning of the modification codes to ensure a bug-free delivery. 
  • Agile teams and agile testing methodologies move fast, and regression testing suits sometimes can be a burden.
  • Using smoking sanity test cases also helps to identify the application through analyzing and controlling the functionality through the basic features of the software testing. 
  • Consider test case scenarios in a way that you avoid any minor chord modifications during a software life-cycle and do testing without any failures. 
  • Communication is one of the essential aspects of analyzing changes in the requirements made during an iteration. 
  • Regression testing in an agile environment also helps testers integrate with error analyzing tools to research feature failures. It also helps them understand which line of code is affected by identifying and debugging the issues. 


Several challenges can make regression testing a challenging testing procedure for the testing team is in an agile environment – 

  • Frequent changes can propose excessive problems and wipe out the entire iteration altogether. Many times it creates a high risk to perform test automation. 
  • The development and testing team can sometimes not use record and playback testing tools that can also cause concern. In a conventional automated testing environment, the team needs to adopt a traditional method or approach for the functionality. 
  • Lack of communication can also create a hurdle in the testing method. Error Testing helps to drive collaboration and communication, which has created more severe difficulties in the prospect. Without effective communication, nothing is possible. 
  • Test case maintenance is also an extensive procedure as current workflows must be maintained and balanced. It means that product functionality can be relinquished even when issues persist. 
  • Special testing skills require hiring specialists within the age oil team, which can disrupt the working of the existing agile teams.

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