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What is SDLC in Software Testing?

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is crucial for Software development because it breaks the overall tedious process into easier stagewise development phases.

Many Software Testing Services Company prefer to begin Testing at the development stage itself. This gives them more time to understand the software and its basic functionalities. When both the Software development and Testing team works in coordination, they deliver more reliable, products through trusted and accurate Testing results.

Benefits of SDLC in Software Testing

It can’t be stressed enough about how important and absolutely necessary is the Testing process while the product development stage.

  • It not only helps to understand the functionality of the software but also familiarises the Tester with the system’s complexities.
  • The loopholes and errors in the building structure of the system and codes are diagnosed at the initial testing stages itself, hence SDLC when combined with Testing saves a lot of time that might have been spent in bug finding.
  • It reduces the risks of security and cyber threats tremendously and saves the system from any external unidentified attacks.
  • Because the bugs and other defects are highlighted at an early stage of Software development, it proves to be cost-saving as compared to the testing costs that come after the completion of a project.
  • Testing through the Software development stage ensures a robust and high-quality product. The quality assurance Testers detect and address the flaws instantly.
  • Close coordination between the development and Testing team makes sure that the system doesn’t have any hidden virus at any stage.
  • It makes sure that the performance of the app is up to the mark and there are no glitches experienced by the users.
  • Software Development Life Cycle with Software Testing ensures that you get an application or software product that is free from any bugs, unaffected functionality, high performance with a great user-friendly interface and gives an overall terrific user experience.

Hire a trusted Software Testing consultancy

Not all Software and application development firm have Testing teams. Its better to outsource the Testing work to an experienced Software Testing firm or consultancy like Hike QA which offers all the Testing services for mobile and website apps.  We use various high end and latest automated testing tools as well as manual testing techniques to deliver you a robust, bug – free product.

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