Understanding the Importance of Regression Testing

Software Testing and Quality Assurance are essential for any application or software when its being developed. Regression means any deteriorations or relapses that can occur in your software’s code due to any update or functional code change. They might also occur during or after any error or bug fixing. Thus, Regression Testing is conducted with the goal of identifying those regressions in an already tested functional software. All the inner code that might have been affected because of those changes are re-checked during the process of testing, just to make sure that there are zero defects.

Basic Fundamentals of Regression Testing

Regression Testing is the most critical and crucial type of software testing done when any alterations, update, bug fixes or any add on features are being introduced to a working application or software.

Listed below are few factors that you need to understand before starting with regression testing of your software:

  • Regression Testing simply means conducting the test cases that are already created for released software.
  • It is done on software with stable structures and functionalities that are supposed to be checked and tested before a new update or change is introduced to that application.
  • More the number of changes introduced in an application, the more are the chances of finding a new defect or bug in the associated functionality.
  • In the favorable testing environment and conditions, a complete suite of pre-scripted test cases should be carried after every alteration.
  • To save on time and resources, automation of the regression test suite is also recommended. Most of the Quality Assurance Software Testing consulting companies worldwide now invest in automation of the regression test suite early in the software and application development cycle.

How to Perform Regression Testing?

It can either be manual or automated UI testing depending upon the conditions. When the test cases are fewer, manual testing doesn’t take much time and is usually preferred. But if the test cases are higher in number, automated regression testing is done by automating the created test suite.

To begin with, first of all, you need to understand the changes that are carried in the code, which may be in the form of a bug fix, an added feature, a new functionality, a minor nip or a major change in the project requirements. Now according to the alterations done in the code, analyze and decide what functionalities could be impacted and what test cases needs to be executed in Testing process.

What do we do in Regression Check?

  • Impact analysis to elect what areas of the steady code needs to be tested for any regression or newly introduced defects because of the modifications.
  • Selection of test cases from already created ones and testing the impacted code, based on time allotted for testing.
  • High priority test cases are executed first because the failure of these test cases will be critical and such catastrophes will have to be fixed instantly.
  • Noticing and Reporting any matters found while performing the testing.

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