Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Vs Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Software development and testing both are crucial processes while creating a high-quality mobile or website application. Through this article, we will know what is the difference between the life cycles of the Development and Testing of Software, and why they are important.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

It focuses on improving the quality of the system and ultimately producing a high-end product in accordance with the client’s needs, requirements and expectations. Software Development Life Cycle yields faster and efficient results while creating cost-effective and easy to maintain solutions.

Software Development Life Cycle consists of the stages mentioned below:

Its Advantages:

  • SDLC has its own benefits when it comes to making high-quality Software or Application.
  • All the project information and requirements are gathered from the clients, which is then used to plan ahead what exactly needs to be done and how.
  • Because the project plan is known, SDLC helps in getting transparency in the project.
  • Software Development Life Cycle helps in tracking the progress with every step.
  • It helps in keeping the development project in control and the pace is maintained.
  • Any unforeseen risks to the project are completely avoided because of earlier planning.
  • You can’t finish the project until all the requirements and goals are achieved.

Its Disadvantages:

  • SDLC is a time-consuming process and it cannot be accomplished in a few days.
  • Manpower has to be sufficient enough to accomplish the project within the stipulated schedule. It needs proper coordination between different team members working on different aspects of development.
  • The methodologies of SDLC are not suitable for every project. It is difficult to apply them to large-scale projects like building a bank or an organization.
  • SDLC cannot cater to the clients changing requirements but it can be implemented if required at the initial stage of planning only.

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

It focuses on the identification of any defects or errors that may be present in your product. Through the Software Development Life Cycle, we plan ahead what testing needs to be conducted on the application or software for its betterment. Software testing life cycle conducts the process of identifying any bugs or issues that may be present in the software. No matter how large or small your application is, so you can use it without any errors or mistakes.

Software Testing Life Cycle also consists of the stages mentioned below:

Its Advantages:

  • STLC is quite essential for effective testing of your Software or Application which ultimately helps in delivering an enhanced quality product.
  • Through the Software Testing Life Cycle, we can quickly identify any threat in the form of errors or bugs at earlier stages itself.
    Because of early defect detection, the issues are addressed in no time for a bug-free application or software.
  • Due to planning and documentation, STLC saves a lot of time.
    Easy identification of what sort of Testing is required for a specific product.
  • Testing gets easier because of proper documentation and a clear understanding of the project.
  • Logistics are maintained according to the requirements which further helps in betterment.
  • Identification of defects at earlier stages helps in avoiding any sort of inconvenience or damage later on.

Its Disadvantages:

  • The time and manpower required for STLC is quite high.
    It’s a risk-taking process because identification of defects at an early stage can be pretty risky as well.
  • STLC cannot cater to changing requirements once the testing starts.
  • There might be confusion among involved parties like Developers and QA engineers about what needs to be tested and how.
  • It’s difficult to apply STLC on large-scale projects like building a bank or an organization. (because of its time-consuming process).
  • STLC can be used after the completion of the Development Phase if there are changes in the requirements.

How does SDLC differ from STLC?

Often confused with the other, both of the processes are equally important and are entirely different from each other.

  • While SDLC is related to Software Development, STLC is related to Software Testing.
  • Testing can also be included in SDLC besides app development, whereas STLC only focuses on Software and App Testing.
  • SDLC is a process done by the product developers and STLC is done by professional QA Testers from software application testing companies.
  • SDLC aims in developing a good quality app or software and STLC aims in delivering a defect-free product.
  • Software Development Life Cycle is done before Software Testing Life Cycle.
  • While SDLC is related to Product Development, STLC is related to and only after the creation of a final product.
  • SDLC is done by the app developers and STLC is done by professional QA Testers from software application testing companies.

The main aim of the software development life cycle is to develop or design a product, whereas the main aim of the Software Testing Life Cycle is to test or find defects in the product.

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