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Responsibilities of a Software Testing Company


Before understanding the quality assurance procedure, we must understand certain terms that determine the working of the software testing companies. Testing of an application or Software is as critical as its development. Every quality assurance software testing company has a set of defined roles and responsibilities for their QA Testers that vary depending upon the team’s hierarchy and different stages of the testing.

Just like the Software development team consists of a manager and able code developers, the Software Testing team comprises several Quality Assurance Testers and a Lead project manager. Let’s have a look at the broader aspect of roles and responsibilities of the Software Testing Team.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality means the product or service that should be fit for use and can meet the needs and expectations of customers. It involves matters concerning functionality, design, reliability, and durability of the product.

On the other hand, assurance is a guarantee or a positive declaration that a product or service is a fit to be used by the consumers. It also guarantees that the application of the software is working according to expectations and requirements.

Thus, quality and assurance, when combined, are known as quality assurance or QA testing. It is defined as a laid down procedure or an activity that ensures that the organization provides the best services to its customers. The evaluation of the software is done based on functionality, performance, and ability. Quality assurance testing companies focus on actual testing with product-oriented activities that are a complete preventive process. It is also considered a meta-process that involves a continuous and consistent improvement for the maintenance of the process that enables better functioning of the app. It focuses on creating the product by audit management, training to change control with a proactive process. The best part about testing is that the interested parties are only the concerned team and relevant stakeholders.

Who are the QA Testers?

Software testing is an investigation procedure conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the software product or service and the test to determine what they’re delivering to the clients. Quality assurance technicians or QA testers are quality assurance engineers who are primarily responsible for checking new software products. QA testers play a critical role in carrying out different tasks and tests for high-quality, perfectly functioning software and applications. Their primary function is to test the application, and other tasks include evaluating the existing programs for identifying problems and debugging them. It’s not easy to become a QA tester because it involves the developers’ higher responsibility to fix.

Why do we need QA Testing?

Quality assurance testing is a necessary process that involves using the best practices offered by quality control and quality assurance services to ensure that the product complies with the requirements and works as per the clients’ standards. Quality assurance saves time and money, makes the product more competitive, and maintains a good reputation. It also adds value by having a greater impact on brand loyalty and helps communicate the right knowledge about the product to meet the defined project requirements. QA testing is of utmost importance for companies as it is a systematic process that ensures product and service excellence.

Responsibilities of the Testing Team Manager

  • Analyzing the project completely and understanding what needs to be done.
  • Pre-Planning of the testing types, activities, and test case studies.
  • To verify and make available all the necessary resources, hardware components, tools, and software required in conducting tests.
  • Test Managers need to keep a tab and check on the testing team and ensure that they work under the Software developing team.
  • Ensure that all deadlines are met and the budget is not disturbed and overburdened at any cost.
  • The manager must contact the client or end-user to make sure that they are happy with the Testing results.

Responsibilities of the QA Testers

  • The test manager delivers the information obtained from the client to the Testers and explains to them what needs to be done. The QA Testers then conduct the necessary tests based on the project briefing.
  • At each step of the testing, they need to inform and report to the Test Lead about the ongoing Test practices.
  • Document all the test results properly and report any loopholes, bugs, defects, or errors found during Software Testing.
  • Testers need to ensure that they carry out Regression testing every time any modification is done in the internal code during an update or general changes.
  • Study test case studies properly and develop test suites to prioritize testing types.
  • Software QA testers should ensure conducting manual as well as automated tests wherever necessary.

Although the roles and responsibilities of both the testers and managers differ, they must ensure proper coordination to deliver good software quality services for any application. Renowned and experienced Software QA tester company such as Hike QA helps you get a fully functional and working application with the best interface for its users.

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