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Responsibilities of a Software Testing Company

Testing of an application or Software is as important and critical as its development. Every Quality Assurance Software Testing Company has a set of defined roles and responsibilities for their QA Testers that varies depending upon the hierarchy of the team and different stages of the testing.

Just like Software development team consists of a manager and able code developers, the Software Testing team comprises of several Quality Assurance Testers and a Lead project manager. Let’s have a look upon the broader aspect of roles and responsibilities of the Software Testing Team.

Responsibilities of the Testing team Manager

  • Analyzing the project completely and understanding what needs to be done.
  • Pre-Planning of the Testing types, activities and Test case studies.
  • To verify and make available all the necessary resources, hardware components, tools and Software that would be required in conducting tests.
  • Test Managers need to keep a tab and check on the testing team and ensure that they work in accordance with the Software developing team.
  • To make sure that all deadlines are met and the budget does not get disturbed and overburdened at any cost.
  • The manager is required to keep contact with the client or end-user to make sure that they are happy with the Testing results.

Responsibilities of the QA Testers

  • The test manager delivers the information obtained from the client to the Testers and explains them what needs to be done. The QA Testers then conduct the necessary tests based on the project briefing.
  • At each step of the Testing, they need to inform and report to the Test Lead about the ongoing Test practices.
  • Document all the test results properly and report any loopholes, bugs, defects or errors that they find during Software Testing.
  • Testers need to make sure that they carry out Regression testing every time any modification is done in the internal code during an update or general changes.
  • Study test case studies properly and develops test suites to prioritize testing types.
  • Software QA testers should ensure about conducting manual as well as automated tests wherever necessary.

Although, the roles and responsibilities of both the testers and managers differ from the other, they must ensure proper coordination to deliver good Software Quality Services for any application. Renowned and experienced Software QA Tester Company such as Hike QA helps you in getting a fully functional and working application with the best interface for its users.

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