Phases in Software Testing

Software Development is not just about making a new software or application. It is incomplete without proper Software Testing which can also be considered as the most challenging step in overall product development. App or Software Developing Companies can contact an outsourcing and specialist software testing company to perform and execute several tests that are very much required at various stages for your product.

What are the different Stages in Software Testing?

Software and Application Testing can be broadly categorized into 2 Testing phases, which are further divided into 4 sub categories and testing types.

Verification Testing Phase

Here, the Software Testing is conducted by the developers and the QA Testers in the app development phase itself. Testers use White Box Testing in the Verification Phase, where the internal code structure of the product is known to them.

It is further categorized into;

  • Unit Testing

In the first phase of Software Testing, the Testers will evaluate individual components of the system known as ‘a unit’ to check whether they are functioning correctly or not as separate modules.

  • Integration Testing

In the Second phase of Testing, Integration Testing is performed where the individual components of the system are tested as a collective group to check their performance and functioning as a group of modules and identifies any problems that might have aroused because of combining.

Validation Testing Phase

The Software Testing is conducted by the clients and users to check the functionality of the finished product. The users do Validation Testing by Black – Box Technique, where the internal code and its structure is completely unknown and hidden from the tester.

It is further categorized into;

  • System Testing

It is the third stage of Testing where different integrated components are checked altogether to validate app’s functioning and overall performance. Here, Testers evaluate product’s compliance with the basic requirements. This stage is crucial for your product’s functional, technical and business aspects.

  • Acceptance Testing

The last leg or final stage of Software Testing is Acceptance Testing. This is done by the users themselves to review the product’s interface, functionality and check whether the application or Software is ready to be launched or released in the market.

This step is crucial to assess the product’s features and is required before the production phase.

All the stages of Software Testing are very critical to deliver a defect free product with ace performance in terms of its functionality.

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