How to Ensure Quality Assurance in Software Testing?

A software developer tests whether software is performing properly by conducting basic test cases. Whereas a QA tester checks the product as an end user and pushes the application to its parameters to find errors, bugs and report it further.

What is Quality Assurance?-

‘Quality’ is a standard and characteristic trait which acts as a measure to find out whether a product conforms to its requirements. And ‘Assurance’ means to declare that the product works fine without any malfunctions. Quality Assurance in Software Development simply means ensuring the products which are released for end user experience are error-free and perfect in its functionality.

What is QA Testing?-

It refers to all those prearranged activities which chiefly focuses on refining the procedures to offer high standard quality products to the users with respect to its functionality, performance working, durability & overall reliability of the product.

  • QA testing companies gives confidence to the client through a guarantee that the product will work the way it is meant to be.
  • In other words, Quality Assurance is a systematic process of managing the quality of the product so as to meet the expectations of the client.

What is Software Testing?-

  • Quality Control in Software Testing makes sure that the software works fine without any errors in its functionality or performance.
  • It is done to ensure that the software or the application gives the best user interface to its customers.
  • Software Testers use set of Test suits and cases to make sure there are no bugs and errors during its update or change of codes.
  • It is required to implement Software testing in the initial stages of software development as the software bug could be dangerous and fixing could be expensive.

Types of Software testing-

Manual testing is when humans test the product. It requires labor to identify the glitch and its user performance. There are several known and acclaimed testing methods like Exploratory test, usability test, ad-hoc testing, etc where manual software testing is put in for best results.

Automation testing is an advanced level of software testing where the computer does all the work with the help of latest testing tools, test cases and suits, along with testing software, and scripts to execute those test cases. For Regression testing, Performance testing, and Load testing, automated testing is the most useful because of its fast delivery of results and precision in identification of the problem areas.

Basic Difference between both-

Both Quality Assurance Engineer and Software Tester aims to make your product error free and deliver a perfect end product.QA emphases on improving the processes to deliver high Quality Applications to the users while the Software Testing focuses on confirming the quality of a product to make it better.
To conclude we can say that QA and software testing go simultaneously and play a key role in overall development and making a bug-free product. HikeQA is a renowned and experienced QA and Software Testing company which provides the best QA Testing services for your product.

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