Go to Guide for CTO’s on QA outsourcing.

Software Quality is of great importance, as it has a lot of influence on the user experience. The total experience might be a big turnoff in case the bugs are there in the final product. This is the main reason why software testing needs to be given the same priority as software development.

This is why inexperienced software testing staff might end up with specific misses in the software testing procedure. Where an in-house software testing team is complemented with software QA outsourcing to confirm that the best software product reaches the final customers.

The Chief Technology Officers are the primary decision-makers who must work on a scalable plan to leverage the benefits of the software testing model. The procedure begins by shortlisting the optimal software testing provider that can add extreme value to the entire testing procedure. Whatever the case be, this job is easier to talk about than perform.

In today’s blog, we’ll discover a few of the important stuff about software testing outsourcing from the point of view of a chief technology officer.

Set the perfect expectations for the QA Vendor.

It is known that outsourcing a software activity like development; testing etc. brings many cost benefits for the organization. Besides cost savings, CEOs and decision-makers need to check the software testing outsourcing provider from the scalability experience and expertise perspective.

Mobile App Testing is essential in today’s generation. You need to select an outsourced testing provider with experience in mobile application testing, web testing, mobile app testing etc. A worldwide software testing provider like HikeQA can add significant value in these scenarios, as the company quickly caters to clients worldwide with high-quality shipping products.

The main agenda of partnering with a testing provider is to enhance bug detection and speed up the product delivery process. In short, it means that the CTO and other decision-makers must select the outsourced testing provider who has mastery in implementing different software projects.

Automation Testing

The involvement of an outsourced software testing provider changes the software testing game. As a CTO, your primary responsibility must be to ensure the slightest friction between the internal and external testing agency members.

Bring in line the workflows from the start of the collaboration so that your organization can get the maximum advantage of the partnership from the word go. All the essential touchpoints that are important for a long-time collaboration must be taken into consideration.

Software quality is of great importance, as it significantly impacts the user experience. The total experience might be a big turnoff in case the bugs are there in the final product. This is mainly why software testing is given equal priority as software development.

Whatever the case be, inexperienced software testing staff end up in significant misses in the whole software testing procedure.

This is where in-house software testing can be easily complemented with software QA outsourcing to confirm that the most refined software product reaches the final users.

Reserve only one point of contact for QA Outsourcing

You must confirm that the members of the outsourced software testing agency get access to the essential automation tools, bug-finding tools, project management tools, and much more. Having a single point of contact from the testing agency is essential for constructing a frictionless communication channel between the 2 groups.

As the activity needs a lot of coordination within and across the teams, it is best to assign a senior QA Leader for this role. The CTO must also confirm that there is one POC from the outsourced testing company so that the communication and implementation are performed at a quick rate.

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Manual Testing

Remove the implementation of hindrances. You must have a proper streamlined procedure while engaging with a company that provides software QA outsourcing. How many internal and external bottlenecks are on the execution front influences the project’s growth in size and complexity.

One of the most right things you can do is align development and testing while using outsourced testing services. QA engineers and other team members of the testing agency must have a proper understanding of the application requirements, the test procedures, the bug reports and other activities present at the time of product testing.

When you have different team members working in different time zones, it can ruin the whole process. In such situations, emailing is not always the best means of communication. In such cases, the CTO and their team must leverage communication tools like Slack to deal with the most uncomplicated issues on chat instead of getting dragged on emails.

Perform On-Time Vendor Assessment:

Numerous organizations engage with different vendors providing outsourced testing services. The entire organization possesses a centralized database in which all the vendor records are taken care of correctly on a timely basis.

As a Chief Technology officer, you must perform a timely check from various angles like ROI, test capabilities, performance, and much more.

This helps you take on-time actions in case the outsourced software testing company performance is not proper.

Uniform communication between the in-house QA Manager and the testing vendor must be established. The POC from the vendor’s side must be well informed about the team’s performance so that they can take action whenever there is a fall in the performance quality.

Never forget to balance the in-house QA Team and the Outsourced QA team. Based on the project scope and total marketing time, a conscious decision should be taken about outsourcing the testing services. The company that provides software testing outsourcing must easily match the capabilities of the in-house QA Team.

We must be able to ensure that there is the perfect utilization of all the in-hand resources. Chief Technology officers can also choose an outsourced QA Lab in their office location, so there is no friction between the in-house and outsourced quality assurance teams.

To get an excellent return on investment from outsourced software testing, you must ensure full utilization of the test resources. A fixed fallback mechanism should be in place to ensure that a shift to a new QA vendor helps improve the project implementation.

Build an Agreement with the QA Vendor

The main priority is planning a QA outsourcing contract between the organization and the QA vendor.

Every term and condition is to be appropriately mentioned in the contract.

A significant clause on the ‘breach of contract’ and ‘IP Protection’ should be in the contract. Important pointers related to the QA contract termination must be well understood by every stakeholder present in the project.

Final Thoughts

Most organizations are selecting software QA outsourcing for qa testing services, as it allows them to save a lot of money. Besides the recursive cost savings, this plan helps improve the total time to market, as the QA vendor has efficient resources that help improve the testing procedure.

All chief technology officers must closely involve themselves in the activities while signing up any new vendor. Selecting a trusted global vendor like hikeQA must be the top priority for CTOs so that all your internal and external team members can work towards improving the project.

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