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Software development is not just about developing an application or software, but it requires rigorous testing to ensure that the product is completely free from any sorts of bugs, defects, system glitches or any loopholes in the interface. Therefore, Quality assurance in software development is not just important but necessary before the release or launch of a mobile or website based application.

Software Testing means the developed application is tested for its functions, specifications, features and performance on a range of mobile or tablet devices with various operating systems under different testing environments. There are a number of software tests which are necessary to observe the behavior of your application with respect to its specifications.

Testing can be either done by the in – house testing department of the organization itself or they can even be outsourced from quality assurance software testing firms such as Hike QA in absence of a dedicated testing team in your company.

Why us?

Hike QA has years of experience in software and application testing and a committed team of talented QA testers who have expert knowledge of manual as well as automated testing tools and understand the importance of quality assurance in software testing. We are pioneers in the testing world where your applications are vulnerable to unalarmed cyber hacks and security threats.

How do we work?

Our testing team works in close coordination with your developing team to understand the functionality of your product and come up with relative testing solutions; only after having a complete understanding of what needs to be done. These are the steps that define our approach toward a particular test project.

  • Identify the test requirements.
  • Analyze the test cases.
  • Planning and designing of the tests.
  • Configuring the test environment.
  • Execute the tests on the product.
  • Analyze the results.
  • Report the defects and errors.
  • Retest, if necessary.
  • Test closure report.

The steps listed above are just the gist of whole procedure. Every app or software is different from the other, and has their own testing requirements and challenges. Your QA and Software testing experts at HikeQA have an expert knowledge to overcome these fears and deliver you a fully tested application with a sound user interface.

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