Fundamentals of QA outsourcing services in 2022

Outsourcing QA services is a practice that has been around for a long time and is likely to continue growing in popularity. At the same time, there are many factors to consider when outsourcing. However, there are some key fundamentals that will always be important. This blog post will discuss what those fundamentals are and how they may change over time. By understanding these basics, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not outsourcing QA is the best option for your organization.

What are QA outsourcing services?

QA outsourcing services are any products or actions performed by a third party for your organization. They are often used to improve an existing project or product, though they can also create new products for release under the hiring company’s brand name. An example of software QA outsourcing would be creating a new website for a client that requires testing to confirm proper functionality. An example of marketing QA outsourcing would be designing the entire user interface for a software product, including graphics, text, and overall appearance.

The fundamentals of QA outsourcing

You should consider many factors when choosing an outsourced company for your QA needs. Some of these are more important than others, and for that reason, we’ve categorized them into three distinct fundamentals. These are Quality, Cost, and Communication.


The number one goal of any QA outsourcing company is to provide products with the highest quality possible. High-quality means-testing thoroughly, using correct methods and following best practices throughout the project. To measure the quality of a QA outsourcing company, consider how many “testers” they have and what qualifications those people hold. For example, some companies assign projects to as few as three testers that do not hold any degrees in testing or programming. Others assign projects to dozens of testers with multiple degrees and certifications. The more testers involved in a project and the more qualifications they hold, the higher the likelihood for a high-quality product.


For most companies, QA outsourcing services come at a cost. Therefore, it’s important to understand what your money is going towards before you agree to pay an outsourced company to perform testing or software development for your products. When evaluating cost, make sure to ask these questions: 

  • What is the hourly rate?
  • What are the monthly rates?
  • How much money is required for a security deposit upfront? How long does it take to receive that deposit back after a project’s completion or cancellation?


Outstanding communication is an excellent foundation for any professional relationship. This includes client-vendor relationships. For QA outsourcing services, communicating well is key for the successful testing and development of a product. A simple way to check on a company’s communication is by asking some basic questions:

  • Can I call or e-mail an individual working on my project?
  • What are typical hours of work for employees in your company?
  • Will I be in direct communication with project managers?

The future of QA outsourcing services

All three “fundamentals” will continue to play a role when evaluating an outsourcedsoftware testing  company to handle your QA needs. However, one factor will likely rise above the rest in the coming years. That factor is technology integration. As time progresses, more and more products will come with a technological component. This means that it will be necessary for outsourced companies to integrate themselves with the technology while still maintaining their role as “tester.”

There are many benefits of outsourcing QA services. We’ve already discussed some of those here. We haven’t mentioned how much of a financial benefit it can be. Many companies that outsource QA services report savings of more than 20%. Consider that for a moment, and multiply the number by your yearly revenue. If you’re making $500,000 in sales annually, consider all of the money you’ll save on hiring and retaining dedicated employees with QA responsibilities. Now, consider the benefits of working with a vendor you can trust. The result is an outsourced QA company that’s not only on your side but competitively priced for your budget.

What are some ways I can help my software testing company?

You may ask how your decision to outsource QA services will be easier by clients who have gone before you. Unfortunately, the answer is, “It won’t be.” There are countless stories of client-vendor relationships that have ended poorly. This can be attributed to internal miscommunication between client and vendor managers and overly ambitious project goals.

Final Thoughts

QA outsourcing is a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal. It allows you to bring onboard experts that can help make your product exceptional. First, however, it’s important to understand how the process works from start to finish. Tools for communicating with QA vendors are available, including chat services and e-mail. When looking at a QA outsourcing company, consider the “3 fundamentals” we discussed in this article. Ensuring that your vendor has these 3 qualities will give you a higher probability of success when working with them.

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