Difference Between Quality Assurance, Quality Control And Testing: Guide By Quality Assurance Software Testing Company

You should be familiar with these three terms in the software industry if you have come across a quality assurance software testing company. Some might confuse one of these with the other and think that these processes are quite similar in nature.

In this blog we will discuss about how one these phases in software and application development differ from the other.

Quality Assurance

It is a process to ensure how to prevent defects, errors, bugs or other loopholes in an application or any software to guarantee its smooth working. Quality assurance is a method to make sure that the product meets client’s specifications while maintaining its quality.

It is a more of preventive measure that focuses on the process rather than on the end product. A quality assurance software testing company conducts pre-release tests on an application, website or any other project to ensure that it does not have any glitches before launching in the market.

Quality Assurance is required for software and applications that deal with sensitive data.  They deal with delicate data and if there is a chance of leakage, they could put user’s and organization’s security at risk. Quality assurance ensures the protection of such data and avoids any sort of malpractices to keep it safe from hackers or malware attacks for example.

It works as an insurance policy for the organization ensuring that the product is safe from any sort of problems, defects or other issues.

Role of a QA Manager

  • Identify the reason behind a defect in the application or software so that it does not re-occur in the system.
  • Verify that the application continues to function as per the end user’s requirements and client’s expectations.
  • Define the quality parameters and implement the process.
  • Ensure that all the practices and procedures are being followed correctly in order to avoid any issues in future.
  • Fix issues, bugs or loopholes in an application when it is pointed out by the client.

Quality Control

It focuses on maintaining the quality of the application and software. QC is basically a reactive and product-oriented process which is done to determine that the end result is at par with the client’s expectations.

It is a very short process where results are provided within hours or days, depending on the project itself.

QC is a part of Quality Assurance where small bugs are fixed timely to avoid the application from getting corrupted.

Quality Control focuses on detecting any defects or issues in software product, source code or other components to make sure that they are working as desired.

It ensures the process-oriented nature of an application and helps QA testers with data that they require for their entire testing process.

Role of a Quality control manager

  • Inspection of internal codes to check for any bugs.
  • Validate that the software or application meets client’s specifications.
  • Test the product with respect to the product’s requirements.
  • Identify the problems (bugs) and report them to the QA manager.
  • Produce defect-free software as per the end user’s requirement.
  • It is the most significant part of QA which provides testers with relevant and required information that they can use to test an application or a software.

Software Testing

It’s a process that is done to detect any bugs that might be present in the app or software so that they get fixed in time. Testing justifies that the mobile or website application functions exactly the same way that is expected by the clients.

It ensures that the product is working as it should and follows its intended purpose. And hence, software testing is done to determine how well a program or an application performs from the customer’s perspective.

In short, Software quality services focuse on finding bugs before customers do so that they can be eliminated promptly. It helps in improving the quality of the application and also helps in improving day-to-day business processes.

Role of A Software QA Tester Company

  • To check the product and verify for its functions.
  • Use different testing techniques and methods at various testing phases.
  • Use manual as well as high end automated testing tools.
  • Ensure that all functionalities are being performed as required by end users.
  • Explore the web or mobile applications to check for any bugs, defects or other problems.

To sum up, all three – Quality assurance, Quality control and Software Testing by a Software QA tester company are required to ensure and develop a successful website or mobile based application. By using these three processes together, it becomes easier to identify the errors and defects at an early stage without investing a lot of time and money.

Effective software quality services provided by Software testing agency such as HikeQA helps in delivering an enhanced quality product.

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