Top 5 Software Testing Trends in 2021


Huge development in the QA testing development sector has brought the newest update in software testing, development, designs, and product delivery. Such huge changes are only possible because of the big data of the software that can store information that paves the way for the internet of things to become the centre of attraction.

Today, software testing methodologies have evolved. Companies are using various strategies in new approaches to testing an application to ensure that it looks and behaves exactly as expected and encompasses back and testing, unit and system testing. This brand new online world brings several challenges every day along with a large number of benefits. Business entrepreneurs’ struggles to get their products into the market and pressure to scale their business take a toll.

Every individual is looking for ways to keep their apps up to date and get the maximum out of their products. Hence, Quality control is the key factor in Software Testing technologies. App developers often seek automated or manual software testing services from an established independent testing firm to ensure their product is free from defects or glitches.

Why is it important for software testing companies to match the trends?

With the rapid changes in the development and industry, digitization, increased competition, and increased changes in the policies have made various companies, especially software testing companies, make sure that they incorporate the latest trends into their software testing skills so that they can match with the standards of the company that they are working with. Companies are making sure to use only those tools and techniques that can benefit the company in the long run and bring about the required changes necessary for the company’s development.

In these modern times, there are a lot of testings that have evolved, such as multi-experience testing, scrupulous automation, self-healing test automation, Testing with containers, RaaS testing yeah and affordable smartphones that have brought about an incredible change within the software testing industry. It is remarkable growth that has paved the way for software companies to adopt these technologies to balance the software and easily adapt.

Myth – It is usually believed that software development is all about speed. However, it is much more about how it can benefit the industry in the long run.

To keep up with the increased pace of the Software industry, we’ve come to narrow down a few trends that every Quality assured tester and software testing firm follows in the app development and testing business.

Automated Software Coding and Testing

Test automation ensures high test coverage while guaranteeing quality assurance at the same time. There are a lot of automated tools and techniques that software testing companies use to deliver accurate testing results. In addition, automation saves enormous time and money that companies could have spent on unwanted and repeated testing done by the testers manually. The errors and flaws in the app are identified with extra precision without any additional workforce.

DevOps and Agile

DevOps and Agile Software Testing have been recognized as the most preferred testing methods. Proper coordination between the software development team and the software testing teams makes it much faster to conduct tests with increased efficiency and high productivity. The defects in the program and system loopholes are also identified quickly in the initial testing stages themselves while ensuring high-quality standards.

Cyber Security Testing

The revolutionary evolution of the software industry poses numerous security threats, from fear of losing customers’ data such as access to their home address, bank details, email etc., by professional hackers. Software development companies have to be 100% sure about keeping their products risk-free. Otherwise, this can lead to legal cases against the company also. Cyber security helps in identifying potential cyber threats or attacks.

Demand for Quality Assurance

Not a trend, but Quality Assurance is the key factor in Software development and testing. The testers need to be precautious and extra careful with the test procedure they follow right from the beginning of the Software Testing Life cycle. Failure of quality-assured software tests can lead to increased testing costs, unnecessary workforce and extra testing time.

Artificial Intelligence in Automation

Not just testing and coding, but people can find Artificial Intelligence in every field. In the future, it will only increase because of the increased number of software and apps we are dependent on in our daily life.


The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning in testing helped optimize the testing strategies in speeding up the release cycles. It also ensures optimal test coverage, predicts key parameters in metrics, detects the application areas, and finds business risks. Testing in QA activities execution has brought changes in the parallel development team for faster speed. It has also led to a rise in the tested products without compromising on time, Quality, and services. Performing such tasks would have been impossible for various companies without the help of quality assurance professionals.

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QA testers can always leverage AI to improve their test script software and automation testing strategies. HikeQA’s professionals working on artificial intelligence use algorithms to determine the scope for testing further sorts the overall testing schedule, and reduce workload while identifying test cases that are not required. Testing is a very tedious process and involves a lot of time, tools and techniques.

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