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Top 5 Software Testing Trends in 2021

This brand new online world brings a number of challenges every day along with a large number of benefits. The struggles that business entrepreneurs make to get their products into the market and pressure to scale their business often take a toll. Every individual is looking for ways to keep up their apps up to date and to get the maximum out of their products.  Hence, Quality control is the key factor in Software Testing technologies.

App developers often seek automated or manual software testing services from an established independent testing firm to ensure their product is free from any defects or glitches.

To keep up with the increased pace of the Software industry, we’ve come to narrow down few trends that every Quality assured tester and software testing firm follows in the app development and testing business.

Automated Software Coding and Testing

Test automation ensures high test coverage while guaranteeing the quality assurance at the same time. There are a lot of automated tools and techniques that software testing companies use to deliver accurate testing results.

In addition to that, automation saves enormous time and money that could have been spend on unwanted and repeated testing done by the testers manually. The errors and flaws in the app are identified with extra precision without any additional manpower.

DevOps and Agile

DevOps and Agile Software Testing have been recognized as the most preferred testing methods. With proper coordination between the software development team and the software testing teams, it becomes comparatively faster to conduct tests with increased efficiency and high productivity.

The defects in the program and system loopholes are also identified quickly in initial testing stages itself while ensuring high quality standards.

Cyber Security Testing

The revolutionary evolvement of software industry poses numerous threats related to security over the internet. From fear of loss of customer’s personal data such as access to their home address, bank details, email etc by professional hackers.

The software development companies have to be 100% sure about keeping their products risk free otherwise this can lead to legal cases against the company also. Cyber security helps in identifying potential cyber threats or attacks.

Demand for Quality Assurance

Not a trend, but Quality Assurance is the key factor in Software development and Testing. The testers need to be precautious and extra careful with the test procedure they follow right from the beginning of the Software Testing Life cycle. Failure of quality assured software tests can lead to increased testing costs, unnecessary manpower and extra testing time.

Artificial Intelligence in Automation

Not just Testing and coding, but Artificial Intelligence can be found in every field, and in future it will only increase because of the increased number of software and apps we are dependent on in our daily life.

QA testers can always leverage from AI to improve their test script software and automation testing strategies. Artificial intelligence uses algorithms to find out the scope for testing and further sorts overall testing schedule and reduces workload while identifying test cases that are not required.

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