Agile Software Testing Life Cycle

The Software Testing is a difficult subject to understand and with increasing complexities of the mobile or website – based product to be tested, the Quality Assurance Testing approach also evolves. Agile Testing in Software Testing focuses on checking the application’s features as they are developed. The developers and the testers need to have a strong collaboration between them for a good Agile testing and Software Product Assurance.


Agile testing can be understood as a continuous process and as soon as the project is started, the Testing process begins. So, the Product Development process and the Testing process are integrated with each other.

Agile testing Life Cycle

In Agile Software Testing, the process is broken down to ensure each component and module is optimized and verified for enhanced quality. This is known as Software Testing Life cycle.

  • Requirement Analysis

This is the first step of the Software Testing lifecycle. Here, the specific client requirements for Testing are evaluated. It becomes a tad easier for the Testers to identify the loopholes or the system faults if they understand the app or software’s requirements.

  • Test Planning

A good Software Testing requires a great Testing team, which consists of a qualified manager, senior QA Tester and proficient Testers. They make an effective Testing Plan, estimated the cost of testing with respect to the client budget. The type of Testing that they will use, everything is planned at this stage.

  • Test Case Development

In this phase, the Test cases and Test suits are created with proper Testing Data and their corresponding scripts are developed. This is verified based on the testing requirements and product’s features.

  • Test Environment Setup

The Testing environment is made as per the Testing conditions used during the process. It comprises of Software and the Hardware specifications used for testing. It is created to look like the actual environment that will be used by the client.

  • Test Execution

This is where the Testers execute the testing as per the test cases and planning by the team. The errors of defects identified at this stage will then be immediately reported to the application developing team, which is then rectified.

  • Test Cycle Closure

The last phase of Testing Life Cycle is where the entire testing team meets to discuss valuable observations and exchange important information by carefully analyzing testing documents. This is also called feedback stage where any shortcomings or complexities are also discussed.

Software Testing Process in company like ours is Agile in approach and robust in manner.  With Software Security Testing at every stage, team Hike QA thrives to deliver a strong and improved application interface with enhanced user experience.

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