5 Great Reasons To Get Website Performance Test

When it comes to the web, everyone is in a rush. People are impatient, expecting pages to load quickly, new content to be added immediately, and functionality to be front-and-centre within seconds. 

As users flock away from slow websites, businesses must ensure that their site loads fast or risk losing customers. There are several reasons why internet users leave a webpage that takes too long to load. 

Below are the key reasons you should test you need a website performance test :

1. Decreased bounce rates and increased time on site

 Decreasing the website speed decreases the number of visitors that end up leaving your website without buying anything. When a website is slow, it makes it frustrating for users to browse through their items, so they leave your website much sooner than if you had a fast one (which will increase sales). Increasing the page load speeds by just 1 second can increase conversions from 1% to 8%. 

 That is because when a person lands on a slow-loading webpage, they usually think that the rest of their shopping process will be slow too, which in turn means that they leave to find a better experience elsewhere (which results in lost sales). 

Google being happier with you as Google has recently stated that they will consider page speed when ranking websites in their search engine results. This means that if your website is fast, it will rank better than competitors who may have more items to sell but don’t have them available for purchase because people are leaving their site [which means you would ultimately get more sales].

2. You can easily track down bugs on your website 

Speed testing tools allow you to capture the amount of time taken from a specific action on your websiteand pinpoint where the problem is [and fix security problems]. The best security bug an attacker could find on a website is a security hole left by a developer during development which allows them access to sensitive information or even the administrator panel.

3. Security testing services can be performed from one place

 The security of your website is a serious matter, and safety issues should be dealt with as soon as they are noticed. When you perform security tests on your website, the results shown will tell you exactly where to go and find any security holes that may exist (which means you don’t have to waste time).

4. It works great for Mobile devices too

Online visitors expect great design and functionality across all devices, and websites that take more than 3 seconds to load on mobile devices or tablets must use aggressive optimization techniques. 

Speed testing tools work well on mobile devices because developers don’t have to spend time designing their apps from scratch [and instead use security tools to protect them]. When web applications are developed in-house by engineers, it takes a lot of time and effort because every mobile device has different security features that it requires to be tested for.You can learn more about your website visitors

5. You can learn more about your website visitors

Not only does poor speed affect the SEO of your website, but slow loading times can also negatively affect your conversion rates as it will drive away impatient customers. 

The amount of information you collect when you conduct security tests on your website application can help you improve the overall experience for everyone who visits it. It includes knowing what browser they are using, their IP address, referring site, and even what operating system they are using (which means you can build a better security program).


There are many different reasons why you should be running your website through speed testing software. If your website runs slowly, then it can hurt security, sales, and user experience. As you read above, the guarantee can be affected if your site takes too long to load because of all the ads being shown. 

On the other hand, a lack of security testing services could exploit vulnerabilities by hackers who have meant to harm. The same goes for the impact slow websites have on user experience.

 If people cannot find what they need or browse a product catalogue, they may leave and take their business elsewhere rather than wait for your website to load.

 Sales also stand as yet another reason for doing this security testing service as you can lose out on revenue if your website is not streamlined. 

As seen above, security, user experience, and sales are all impacted by the speed of your website. That is why it is necessary to perform regular speed testing to ensure that you are running the best site possible. 

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