Stages in Agile Software Testing in Mobile Device Testing Service

What is the role of Agile testing today?

Agile Software Testing is a continual approach where software is tested against the requirements while developing the application. The software developing company and the Quality Assurance mobile application testing company work closely to get the best testing results. In today’s competitive era, every organization tries to test mobile using new technologies such as agile testing methodology. Mobile testing is the driving force in every tech-driven company that focuses on the specialization of mobile devices and applications.

Agile testing is a mobile device testing service and a software testing process that follows app development principles and practices that adopt an incremental design approach. It deals with an iterative development methodology that enables consistent communication between the development and testing times. In simpler terms, agile methodology means breaking up the various developmental phases where software developers work on each phase with proper focus and concentration to avoid unnecessary discrepancies.

How does agile methodology work?

Impact assessment- This part of the agile methodology is of utmost importance because it gathers inputs from stakeholders and users to provide feedback for the deployment cycle. It means that it deals with the research aspect where developers come to a certain plan that is full proof and something that can execute well. It is like the plan in action through which the assessment takes place.
Agility test planning – Here, the software developers ensure that all the stakeholders understand the scheduling of the testing process, meeting frequency and deliverables. It involves a lot of decision-making because suggestions from the stakeholders, clients, and software developers are considered for a better testing process.

Daily scrums- This part of the agile methodology is of prime importance because it monitors the work to ensure that the right tools and techniques are adopted. It includes a day meeting to catch up on the testing status and set goals for the whole day. Monitoring and evaluating these testing processes will help the company overcome any future challenges related to the application.

Agility review meeting and approval meetings – after the entire process of the agility methodology is over, developers and clients together work in reviewing software. Companies make sure that their weekly reviews so that the stakeholders can assess the progress against milestones. They also make a final call to decide whether the application has been fully developed and is ready for implementation or to go live or not.

Steps in Agile Testing

Agile testing is done with proper test plans and various stages to check the testing process and lifecycle. Here in this blog, you will learn about various Agile testing strategies and the job of developing and testing a team in those stages.

Agile Testing in Sprint Zero

It’s the first and foremost step that takes place before the testing project is started. It involves:

  • Formation of the testing team
  • Building test environment
  • Develop test plan
  • Design a test strategy
  • Identify and install testing tools
  • Configuring system and phones for mobile device testing service
  • Scheduling resources are required during the testing process.
  • Ensure to make a release plan
  • Test schedule

Construction Iterations

  • The second stage of the Agile Software Development and Testing technique is Construction Iterations. The main objective of this stage is to prepare the system for pre-production tests while analyzing all the requirements and specifications provided by the client.
  • Various rigorous tests are conducted in this stage to verify whether the software meets its design intent.
  • Several crucial decisions, such as if a system is ready for an early version release or whether its launch should be delayed, are taken.
  • The Agile team identifies the priority areas that need to be taken care of and focuses on those over other pending work items, which is the method of construction iteration.
  • It consists of confirmatory and investigative testing approaches.

Agile Release Plan

The Agile development team needs to finalize all pending stuff before the software’s release in this stage.

  • Complete system checking for any errors that developers might have overlooked.
  • Marketing the product before its launch.
  • User experience, usability and acceptance testing are conducted, requiring end-users to test the product and report any flaw they might notice.
  • Run backup and system restoration.
  • Creation of user documentation.
  • Endgame exploratory tests are performed in real testing environments.

Production Environment

This stage focuses on end-user experience and ensures that the developed application performs exactly what it was designed for. Its goal is to ensure that the program is stable and not crash in unseen circumstances or environments. The core functionality of the system is checked and addressed to ensure the product is ready for release.


In the Agile Software development process, we need to verify and evaluate the system as early as possible. The coordination between the developing and testing teams is the core of a safe and successful Agile Software model. Both the teams need to be clear in their tasks and agree upon the results at each stage. End-user engagement is important throughout the project to ensure the development process is going in the right direction. With agile methodologies, companies ensure that the design, software, and other tools used for the testing are well appropriated for a better outcome. This technology and testing process has made the application development a much easier and smoother process and completes a hassle-free process.

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