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Agile Software Testing, Its Advantages and Planning

Software testing is an elaborate and disciplined process which follows various principles of agile software development. The Agile testing method has gained a huge reputation in the software industry given the success rate of testing results. Even complex applications can be tested easily with steadfast results.

To get the best application or mobile software testing results, begin with the agile testing at the project commencement stage, but how?

Agile Software Testing

In agile software development, the testing will ideally start before the implementation begins. This is quite different from the conventional software testing approach, where testing is always done after completion of the program’s development stage. Agile testing can be understood as a continuous process that goes along with the development process simultaneously. This is also known as agile Software Testing Lifecycle (STLC).

Advantages of Agile Software Testing

  • Agile testing ensures early detection of the defects or errors, timely identification of bugs, any loopholes that might be present at the coding stage etc.
  • The continual testing process enables accurate results and outcomes.
  • Agile software testing takes less time as compared to the conventional testing method because it tests as the product is developed. Hence it becomes easier for the tester as well as the developer to do their jobs.
  • The bugs and errors are fixed at the initial stages itself which saves a lot of testing expense and wastage of resources.

For an effective agile testing process, the quality assurance testers need to have a comprehensive testing plan and schedule.

What is an Agile Test Plan?

App testing companies make a fool proof test strategy before starting the testing process which is known as a Testing plan. It basically involves:

  • The test objectives
  • Testing approach
  • Testing team
  • Identification of test types
  • Setting up a testing environment
  • Testing tools and instruments to be used
  • Test schedules with their duration
  • End user’s expectations

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